Monday, July 19, 2010

Lake Tahoe!

On the NV-CA border gorgeous! I've always wanted to see what the big deal is about Lake Tahoe --was it The Godfather or Scarface where they had a very cool vacation home there?

It was my 1st long road trip, I'm proud that I did it! Driving around the lake is tedious and so is going over the mountains via Incline Village, but totally worth the scenery we enjoyed.

The beaches are WAY too crowded for my tastes....guess people are used to being close to others, we just go to the next bay if there are people already on a beach at home!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahhh...It's warm, Lots to Do...Reno is Quite Wonderful!

The pool in our not-super fancy (but very comfortable) suites-hotel is NOT heated brrrrr....

The day we arrived, the kids played in the pool at bit. We were able to leave Seattle 4 hours early, we didn't have anything else to do! D & A were heading back home...time to leave Washington & figure out Reno! The Horizon flight into Reno was very bumpy, ughhh! Reminded me of landing at home in Feburary or March.
We took Dyl to camp...the next day HB & HD came for a few days' visit!!

We drove out to Cabela's, I just wanted to tease Troy, lol that got me nowhere, now he's planning a trip to the Cabela's near Seattle in September....that's BAD!!

We had a late lunch at the grill in Cabela's was like eating at a baseball game, but was fine.

I almost bought a GPS, but decided that Mapquest is enough. Tickets to Rascal Flats, Kelly Pickler & Chris Young sounded like more fun!! It's in the 90s everyday in Reno and warm at night and in the mornings too. I still can't get over that! LOVE IT!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Orientation....Downtown Seattle

Derick's home come the middle of SEP!

Everyone HAS to pose here, right???
The view from the residence hall we stayed in while Derick had orientation (they have orientation for the parents too. To help us adjust to our babies going
It worked....nothing fancy, but was so nice to be right there for all the sessions we attended.

Derick's orientation was a whirlwind....Derick likes it. It's not a school I'd chose, but I'm not the one attending, he is. I'm sure it'll grow on me. I hope to go to the family weekend in October with TFP! I know our boys will miss us by them....or at least our debit cards.
My dad and CNore kept Dyl & Manderzz for a couple days, then dropped them off with us...we walked around downtown Seattle, ate at Mad Pizza (pretty yummy!) and watched some TV in the lounge. Good for them to see a bit of a college campus.
I got the 2 college-students to the airport a bit late for their flight home, oops, but they made it home eventually. We got on an early flight to Reno, yeeeehooooo!!!!