Friday, March 12, 2010

The Most Florlorn Group of People in the Most Forlorn Airport in the US

LATE last night in the CDB airport. It's not Cold Bay's fault, it was late and we were all super depressed to have waited all day and to be heading back to ANC to try again today. Everyone here is hearing nothing good about the weather :(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meanest Mom Ever....But It was Too Funny

D finally made it in late on Tuesday night, the oral surgeon squeezed him in on WED morning --thank you Dr. Heagy!
The hour post-procedure was hilarious!! My kid isn't real talkitive or loud....he was for an hour....I have a couple videos on FB too. You can see them there --unless you are bitter about Facebook (CB)

We've got to hurry and pack to get to the airport after a couple quick stops --say bye to Hethykins, get some yummy bagels, lunch from the Middleway Cafe and a fancy smoothie for the pitiful one.
 He had an extra dose of anesthesia, waking up was high on his to-do list!
 Gyro calzone....yum!! Was dinner for 2 nights :)
 It was his last meal a 3 layer chocolate moose with a sponge cake base, I shared a bit, delicious! He's going to try to make some for us.
 Shrimp Parmesan with huge shrimp!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kid on the Way

Just got a text...Jr has boarded a flight. I won't jump to any conclusions, but chances are looking better that he will make it. Now will the dentist have an opening? Will we get seats out of here the day after tomorrow??
I was up and busy from 5am-11pm yesterday! I got nearly everything done that I wanted to. AND hooked up with Chris G for dinner. I just happened to be waiting for a pizza and salad from my favorite resturant (so I'd have the pizza already if my kiddo actually got in) while I was waiting the plane went back to ANC (those poor people, that is miserable to fly over stopping a time or two usually, circle....go back to Sand Point I THINK he said (??) and then to ANC. Then do it again today, sooooo tiring.
He's been at the airport since 10am. Was there 9 hours yesterday. I had a quick appointment this morning which was right by Heather's house. I came here afterward and relaxed!
That's about ready to go home...miss everyone! Missing meetings and regular food from home, everything. It's fun for about a week, then I'm bored and ready to be back.
 Miss my Manders!
 Miss Bella...
 Miss Dyl....and T who I don't have a picture of on my camera....oops but I'm hanging out with friends--
Tomorrow --oral surgeon (with any luck!) ohh and to Gamestop for T. He messed up his Modern Warfare 2 game and evidently that is very tragic!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Getting Closer to Home

I was in Fairbanks for my classes all week. It was fun and very cultural. I am learning so much about Alaskans...I have lived in a urban bubble my entire life, who knew???

I met some neat people and think I may know what I want to get a degree in...I asked my adviser what she thought, we'll see what she says! Not even going to say, she might redirect me...who knows?
I'm in Anchorage for a couple days, waiting for pooooooor JR to fly over and get his wisdom teeth removed. OUCH! I'm missing all the fun at home, crazy snowstorms (I better see if anyone blogged about them, the pictures and movies everyone posted on FB were GREAT! Made me homesick, I love storms as I've mentioned many times. My hotel is the cutest! The clientel is pretty 2 star, but the staff is very friendly and the motif is funky-modern with lots of lime green everywhere! I'll take pics after my room gets cleaned and breakfast, amazing brand new cardio machines and free weights, a pool, wireless internet and the best desk ever (well except for the Marriott I stayed in a couple of years ago in downtown SFO) the Marriott University is my latest favorite hotel in ANC.

I have no pictures of the gathering in FAI, there were some gorgeous coats and beaded everything, but mostly it didn't seem respectful to be snapping pictures, I just listened. I'm on a different laptop without a single picture soooo I'll post a couple pics of my kid! I am going through old pics on an external harddrive for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor in t-14 days!
He's sooo cute! And I just heard that a friend who moved 2 years ago is also going to Seattle University....he hasn't declared his intentions yet, but I'm betting SU it'll be.... going to meet me in ANC and go visit downtown SEA with me????

Ohh I HAVE to finish 17 credits by Mid-May....6 are almost done, 4 not too hard and 7 are super-hard classes....I shouldn't be playing on the internet much :(