Sunday, January 31, 2010

Derick Scores Again...THANK YOU Magone Marine!

Today was the College Goal Sunday event at the school, Jr. was working (it was busy at brunch and he knew he'd miss most of it) Me, being the dutiful mother that I am went and listened to the presentation, asked questions etc. etc....Jr. Breezed in for the last 10 minutes of the presentation and won the laptop donated by Magone Marine! Even better for him, he gets to choose what kind and what's included (they just donated $$ instead of picking out the computer, VERY COOL of them, they've been doing it for several years.
What a brat! He has a bunch of computers --4 or 5!!
Whatever lol....I'll get one in the next year or so. (mine is very tired!)
I didn't take any pictures at the soccer game this week, they did very well again. T came home from patrol yesterday, I've been working out and doing's raining and gray out, not the most exciting weekend around here, except for the charmed one getting everything his heart desires...

Not too many pictures from the second week of December....not sure what I was doing.
But the one that I did get is a GREAT one!!
I was at the school helping (as always) with a fund raiser for Jr. Yes, I'm grumpy! I need that laptop!!! I'll get over it of course.
T called and had me take this shot before he went home and cut it up. YUMMMMMY!!! Nothing is better than fresh king salmon in the middle of winter. Dills said, "Numnumnunum" while he ate...that about sums it up.

My mother-in-law wanted to see a recent picture of Bella..and I know Margarita loves Bella pics too!

And the 2nd shot YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!! Winter kings are the best food ever!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dyl is So Cool...

Making cookies --yes we use Crisco --that is our worst food habit!

I've got to get to the gym and start my typically busy Saturday --workout, watch AG's son's game, T is home, then our kids' game @ 3pm. Then I hope a walk with T and Bella

(although I saw rain this morning...rain on top of snow is not my favorite for walking ....)
Last night Dyls played basketball Jr, High VS. JV High School. They have to scrimmage...we're just too far from any other teams.
Ohh yeah Bailey and Cody stopped by, she took Jr's Senior portraits, I had to choose the ones we want. Manderzz was making fried rice. Evidently she watched the lady at Peking make it often (friends with her granddaughter) so she made us a was AMAZING!

University of Manchester...Or Seattle University?

 Sugar showed up this night after 3 weeks outside!
Ahhh we're an ad for KIAL, how cute! We all have those Unalaska hats too.
Linda moved :( we miss her!

 All the munchies --I was into flavored nuts that week. Looks like it's the girls section (by the food)
 And the boy section (Bella is cheating) near the beverages in a cooler on the back porch!
 It was "T's" going away party...that guy is so freaking tall!
 T had to arm wrestle my T.
(this is actually from 3 days ago...I haven't been able to upload pics. LOVE you AKWISP!)

Hmmm Jr was accepted to Manchester University today! It has been a dream of his to go to school in the U.K. for quite some time. The price is similar to Seattle U after the scholarship they offered is deducted. He's got a lot of thinking and researching to do! He played video games and then went to the PCR to play soccer, that's how we roll....have to avoid for a bit before thinking deeply.

My whole body is sore not terribly, just enough to feel energized! Lots of time in the weight room this week (any other ladies who are available from 8-10am come to the PCR, it's nice and quiet at that time.

Today was very normal things, workout, errands, lunch with my buddy AG --haven't done that in months, walk the dog, supper with the kids...watched some Private Practice and some #1 Ladies Detective Agency too.
Here are a couple pictures from December when I was taking pictures, but too busy to post. Now I have some time, but no new pictures. I can't keep blogging if all I do is workout and do classes, nobody wants to see me sitting next to the phone typing on my laptop!
Tomorrow Dills has 2 basketball games....maybe poor CB will leave his cave and be well enough to come on the healthy side of town!! (Jr did not give you a cold by making you an omelet on Sunday!!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today Was a Blur

I was tired after all the homework and classes yesterday, today I was not as productive! Running back & forth mostly for the kids, but made it to the gym twice! I even did weights with a friend...I sooooo need to keep that up!

I am determined to succeed in my math class (the other 2 are not going to be hard) I am reading the book like the teacher told us to, I always do that, but I'm making sure I read each section enough times to grasp the concept. This is a picture of the author...I love it! He's awesome, the exact opposite what I'd picture the author of many college math textbooks to look like.  The book is funny and not boring.....and check out the cover! This guy is definitely a 60s dude I'm thinking.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bella Got Mail Today!

Sunday afternoon...reading lots of scholarships to see what they might qualify for. I am impressed that they're finally focusing! I did have to stick the pillow between them for awhile!

Day 2 of the great scholarship hunt.

The dog version of sweet potato fries! How cool is that? They're chewy, take awhile to eat and she loves them!

Tammy in TN...I mean Sadie who looks exactly like Bella but full-sized (same eyes even!) Sent Bella a wonderfully soft doggy blanket and some sweet potato snacks! THANKS Tammy...errr Sadie. And I will put Bella's Colts neckerchief on her on Sunday...not promising to watch the game puts me to sleep...and there is too much to do to sleep the afternoon away!

The last two days have just been about homework for me and homework/scholarship applications for the teenagers also a nice walk in the park with T last night, and a couple of hours at the gym today (best way to get through a huge amoutn of Indigenous Science reading)

Manderzz and Dyls have been hanging with friends, playing soccer (both) and piano (Manderzz) T is doing what he glad to have avoided that job! I'd never make it through this semester with another thing to do.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Job for Me..This Time!

Classes are going, I am spending more time on the treadmill and bike to complete my reading, I fall asleep after 20 minutes reading at home LOL....
I did apply for a job that stated 10-15 hours a week. It was really going to be much much more than that, sometimes even going into over-time! It was a non-profit, not much pay, all the hours expected, but not in the job description. I decided to say, "thanks for interviewing me, but I am not the person you're looking for" and left it at that.
Whewwww....don't really want to work now, I am enjoying my classes and trying to psych myself up for a couple more semesters of the basic classes that I've been avoiding by taking interesting ones!
The last blog post took three days! So frustrating. A tech came out and "upgraded" our internet...whatever..yet another bill from them and it goes out 5x day --ughhhh frustrated. I am heading to the aquatic center (aka The Pool) to work out for a couple hours while savoring some calculus text reading..but we had a good weekend, 2 soccer games yesterday (forgot my memory card, again!) We had the bonfire on Friday night and a few people over for a spaghetti dinner followed by games.

Opps! How'd We Miss That?

Ughhhhh eagles love garbage!

Maderzz @ the spelling bee. She didn't win, yet!! She has 2 more times to try.

Yesterday morning when saying bye to Jr who sleeps until the very last minute I remembered that an envelope had come from Seattle University at the same time his packet came. He gets a few pieces of mail from colleges every day. He opened it....Seattle University gave him a $48,000 scholarship!!
It's an expensive school, but that is a GREAT start!!
Now if he'd just quit being such a pest and begging us to stay in an apartment...ughhhhh stay in the residence halls, they always have to push things don't they??

I had a job interview this morning, it didn't sound like anyone could do all the work they wanted done in 10-15 hours...which could stretch to overtime when it was busy...and traveling would be frowned upon. Yeah, not happening. She told me I should be on her board instead...not sure what that indicates? But it's over, I'm not getting involved in that.

I have to read 145 pages in my calculus textbook this weekend and start doing fun fun....did I mention how excited I am to be taking math???!! This semester, summer and fall will be lots of General Ed requirements, then almost done. What I'll do with a nutrition BA and probably a Health Information Management AS I don't know, but I'm sure I'll fall into something...or not. I am quite good at keeping busy without reporting to an office.

We just got in a from a lovely walk in the dark, it's cool, calm, the stars are out and the snow is fluffy...Bella's 1st walk post-surgery. Captn T is out trying to get a bon fire started...where is our Dyl?? He's our fire-guy.

My health class starts next week, I am such a nerd about nutrition that I came across a year ago. I've already read the entire thing!! 800 pages woooo whoooo that saves so much time!

I also have a Native Readings class and a Native Research class. Don't know too much about them, something very new and different I'm sure.

Bella being SNEAKY!

Juno helping Manderzz with homework. Mesopotamian tools I believe.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Derick got accepted to the University of Seattle...this was his #1 choice for the US...there is one in the UK that he wants, but this is good!!
I got a GOOD smile from him, that's rare! ohh yeah I wasn't quite fast enough, so I ended up with this pic.

Also I applied for a 15 hour a week job today, we'll see what happens. College started today too, enough resting I guess. I just can't let myself get toooooooooooo busy like a year ago!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks All.....I'm Sorta Spoiled!

Look at all the gifts my friends gave me over the holidays...some of the food and treats were from fall-time.
Thanks Brian (AKA CB), for the fancy and perfect sweaters....the photo does NOT do them justice, both are green of course. CB is all about Macy's and Cashmere!! Ohhh the gifts he gave the rest of the family too! Sheeshh....he's like Santa!!
 Margarita --she always keeps us in Southern goodies!! We're infamous for having snacks for the teens here. And so much more, I couldn't list it all. You're so sweet and thoughtful. And Bella loves her duck!

Heder (AKAdventures) The awesome calendar that I know you put many hours into --all the kids were proud to find themselves on it, thank you!!
Rama (AKGlitterqueen) Thanks for the lime green candle-thing and my latest addiction. --can't wait for the order to get in! Everything is going to smell yummy not Bella-ish, right?? Too bad they don't clean up puppy hair too!
 Sonia (AKGAL) The new gamne is fun! We need to play again soon!!
 Pattycakes --who made the beaded necklace as a going away gift when I left my job, how cool is that? I LOVE it!!
Chris --I wear my warm lime green hat and scarf all the time, your mom is talented!
Annette --Monkey is in my car Soooo cute! The Scarf is with my fancy black dress to wear next year, I'll be that size right? We didn't go to the ball this year.
Tammy M --Bella looks so cute in her scarf...for football I'm guessing?? We're sooo out of it for sports!

Today was snowy and windy, but I like it. My faithful RAV4 gets around so well.  Bella had to get a collar today to keep her from chewing off her stitches where her dew claw was removed. She's pitiful, but seems capable of finding positions to snooze in.

College classes start this week, I have a really hard math class and I have to finish my ENG class that I didn't finish when I got sick last spring....sigh....I have a headache just thinking about GERS....I so prefer classes that are fun like Anatomy and Physiology or anything to do with medical offices or even nutrition....geez I'm all over the place, I need to focus or else get 3 degrees!