Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today Was a Blur

I was tired after all the homework and classes yesterday, today I was not as productive! Running back & forth mostly for the kids, but made it to the gym twice! I even did weights with a friend...I sooooo need to keep that up!

I am determined to succeed in my math class (the other 2 are not going to be hard) I am reading the book like the teacher told us to, I always do that, but I'm making sure I read each section enough times to grasp the concept. This is a picture of the author...I love it! He's awesome, the exact opposite what I'd picture the author of many college math textbooks to look like.  The book is funny and not boring.....and check out the cover! This guy is definitely a 60s dude I'm thinking.


  1. Love the mathbook cover wow definately 60's. Hmm he does looks like he might have been at Woodstock. Hey maybe you can get some extra credit if you email him links to some videos from the sixties... LOL. It is cold with nasty blowing winds here. I got kiddo to bring me some dried kitty food we didn't want to go out in it. The seafood is flash frozen, vaccum packed,packed in a huge foan cooler with dry ice, shipped one day air Fed-ex. It is the big Red King Salmon. We love it. We take the boys for their surgeries Thursday afternoon. The house will be quiet with them gone. We are planning to toss out their sticks, leaves, pine cones, and other treasures they bring in from their outside adventures. They killed their first little field mouse and of course had to being it to us. After we admired it and praised them we were getting ready to dispose of it when Ms. Pretty decided it was hers and she took it outside. She handled the disposal. Now if I could just teach her how to open the can kitty food LOL.

  2. haha funny cats! Bella has never brought anything back to us, but has a ton of treasures in her kennel!
    Wow...you are a great supporter of AK...I've never purchased salmon in my life --except a couple sandwiches at resturants :)