Saturday, January 30, 2010

University of Manchester...Or Seattle University?

 Sugar showed up this night after 3 weeks outside!
Ahhh we're an ad for KIAL, how cute! We all have those Unalaska hats too.
Linda moved :( we miss her!

 All the munchies --I was into flavored nuts that week. Looks like it's the girls section (by the food)
 And the boy section (Bella is cheating) near the beverages in a cooler on the back porch!
 It was "T's" going away party...that guy is so freaking tall!
 T had to arm wrestle my T.
(this is actually from 3 days ago...I haven't been able to upload pics. LOVE you AKWISP!)

Hmmm Jr was accepted to Manchester University today! It has been a dream of his to go to school in the U.K. for quite some time. The price is similar to Seattle U after the scholarship they offered is deducted. He's got a lot of thinking and researching to do! He played video games and then went to the PCR to play soccer, that's how we roll....have to avoid for a bit before thinking deeply.

My whole body is sore not terribly, just enough to feel energized! Lots of time in the weight room this week (any other ladies who are available from 8-10am come to the PCR, it's nice and quiet at that time.

Today was very normal things, workout, errands, lunch with my buddy AG --haven't done that in months, walk the dog, supper with the kids...watched some Private Practice and some #1 Ladies Detective Agency too.
Here are a couple pictures from December when I was taking pictures, but too busy to post. Now I have some time, but no new pictures. I can't keep blogging if all I do is workout and do classes, nobody wants to see me sitting next to the phone typing on my laptop!
Tomorrow Dills has 2 basketball games....maybe poor CB will leave his cave and be well enough to come on the healthy side of town!! (Jr did not give you a cold by making you an omelet on Sunday!!)


  1. Now CB should know that his cold didn't come from Junior making him an omelet. The heat from cooking it would kill any germs. I love Bella sneaking over to the boys side hee hee your furry spy. Junior has two excellent choices for college. I agree with you he needs to put the decision off just relax his brain and the right answer will come to him. I wish Dills luck in his games. Gal don't worry about posting new pictures share your old ones or Bella pictures. We all understand you have a busy class schedule. I personally enjoy Bella pictures.

  2. Good luck with college choices. One thing about being in the UK, he will probably have the ability to travel abroad on school holidays. Even just poking around the UK would be an amazing experience for him.

  3. That was my thought...all that time in Europe! He's avoiding making a choice for now...too hard!