Sunday, January 24, 2010

Opps! How'd We Miss That?

Ughhhhh eagles love garbage!

Maderzz @ the spelling bee. She didn't win, yet!! She has 2 more times to try.

Yesterday morning when saying bye to Jr who sleeps until the very last minute I remembered that an envelope had come from Seattle University at the same time his packet came. He gets a few pieces of mail from colleges every day. He opened it....Seattle University gave him a $48,000 scholarship!!
It's an expensive school, but that is a GREAT start!!
Now if he'd just quit being such a pest and begging us to stay in an apartment...ughhhhh stay in the residence halls, they always have to push things don't they??

I had a job interview this morning, it didn't sound like anyone could do all the work they wanted done in 10-15 hours...which could stretch to overtime when it was busy...and traveling would be frowned upon. Yeah, not happening. She told me I should be on her board instead...not sure what that indicates? But it's over, I'm not getting involved in that.

I have to read 145 pages in my calculus textbook this weekend and start doing fun fun....did I mention how excited I am to be taking math???!! This semester, summer and fall will be lots of General Ed requirements, then almost done. What I'll do with a nutrition BA and probably a Health Information Management AS I don't know, but I'm sure I'll fall into something...or not. I am quite good at keeping busy without reporting to an office.

We just got in a from a lovely walk in the dark, it's cool, calm, the stars are out and the snow is fluffy...Bella's 1st walk post-surgery. Captn T is out trying to get a bon fire started...where is our Dyl?? He's our fire-guy.

My health class starts next week, I am such a nerd about nutrition that I came across a year ago. I've already read the entire thing!! 800 pages woooo whoooo that saves so much time!

I also have a Native Readings class and a Native Research class. Don't know too much about them, something very new and different I'm sure.

Bella being SNEAKY!

Juno helping Manderzz with homework. Mesopotamian tools I believe.

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  1. Ugh Calculus yuck. I would like the Native Reading/ research that sounds interesting. So glad you all had a nice walk. Love the homework help tell Manderzz keep trying she will get it yet.