Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dyl is So Cool...

Making cookies --yes we use Crisco --that is our worst food habit!

I've got to get to the gym and start my typically busy Saturday --workout, watch AG's son's game, T is home, then our kids' game @ 3pm. Then I hope a walk with T and Bella

(although I saw rain this morning...rain on top of snow is not my favorite for walking ....)
Last night Dyls played basketball Jr, High VS. JV High School. They have to scrimmage...we're just too far from any other teams.
Ohh yeah Bailey and Cody stopped by, she took Jr's Senior portraits, I had to choose the ones we want. Manderzz was making fried rice. Evidently she watched the lady at Peking make it often (friends with her granddaughter) so she made us a was AMAZING!

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  1. Manderzz fried rice looks yummy. Hey don't worry about the Crisco we all use it. Well the boys got their surgeries, shots and blood work they are doing great because of the bad sleet the vet told us not to worry about getting them until Mon. afternoon. They kept all the pets from surgeries friday over the weekend due to the sleet and slick roads. Ms. Pretty fooled us all. The vet techs, put her under, shaved her did her blood work, gave her all her shots scrubbed her belly then the vet did a final sonagram when he spotted a small inch long incision to the side of her tummy, turns out she had laser surfery to spay her.
    When she was xrayed she moved so it looked like she wasn't spayed, hee hee nothing like trying to do her twice, so since she was under the vet cleaned her teeth. Needless to say she is a bit perturbed about the shaved belly and the teeth cleaning oh well as the vet said she had to be a smarty pants. He put a warm pad in her kennel so her tummy would be warm since she had no fur there. I have a big bag of her favorite kitty treats to try and get back on her good side LOL.