Sunday, January 31, 2010

Derick Scores Again...THANK YOU Magone Marine!

Today was the College Goal Sunday event at the school, Jr. was working (it was busy at brunch and he knew he'd miss most of it) Me, being the dutiful mother that I am went and listened to the presentation, asked questions etc. etc....Jr. Breezed in for the last 10 minutes of the presentation and won the laptop donated by Magone Marine! Even better for him, he gets to choose what kind and what's included (they just donated $$ instead of picking out the computer, VERY COOL of them, they've been doing it for several years.
What a brat! He has a bunch of computers --4 or 5!!
Whatever lol....I'll get one in the next year or so. (mine is very tired!)
I didn't take any pictures at the soccer game this week, they did very well again. T came home from patrol yesterday, I've been working out and doing's raining and gray out, not the most exciting weekend around here, except for the charmed one getting everything his heart desires...

Not too many pictures from the second week of December....not sure what I was doing.
But the one that I did get is a GREAT one!!
I was at the school helping (as always) with a fund raiser for Jr. Yes, I'm grumpy! I need that laptop!!! I'll get over it of course.
T called and had me take this shot before he went home and cut it up. YUMMMMMY!!! Nothing is better than fresh king salmon in the middle of winter. Dills said, "Numnumnunum" while he ate...that about sums it up.

My mother-in-law wanted to see a recent picture of Bella..and I know Margarita loves Bella pics too!

And the 2nd shot YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!! Winter kings are the best food ever!


  1. Awesome for Jr. but I think he could give his mom his old one. He is the charmed one I hardly ever win anything. I am taking one of Kid's old ones to the shop and seeing what it needs before it can go on the internet. I figure it probable needs to be cleaned and other stuff. I love Bella pictures she is very photogenic. The salmon looks very yummy I love the red we have in our freezer. We are finally getting a bit of warmer temperatures to chase our rain away for a couple of days. The rain and cold weather will return before the weekend.

  2. a new laptop congratulations to Derek and your college fund!!!

  3. Sounds like that is one charmed kid. Hows everything else going?