Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks All.....I'm Sorta Spoiled!

Look at all the gifts my friends gave me over the holidays...some of the food and treats were from fall-time.
Thanks Brian (AKA CB), for the fancy and perfect sweaters....the photo does NOT do them justice, both are green of course. CB is all about Macy's and Cashmere!! Ohhh the gifts he gave the rest of the family too! Sheeshh....he's like Santa!!
 Margarita --she always keeps us in Southern goodies!! We're infamous for having snacks for the teens here. And so much more, I couldn't list it all. You're so sweet and thoughtful. And Bella loves her duck!

Heder (AKAdventures) The awesome calendar that I know you put many hours into --all the kids were proud to find themselves on it, thank you!!
Rama (AKGlitterqueen) Thanks for the lime green candle-thing and my latest addiction. --can't wait for the order to get in! Everything is going to smell yummy not Bella-ish, right?? Too bad they don't clean up puppy hair too!
 Sonia (AKGAL) The new gamne is fun! We need to play again soon!!
 Pattycakes --who made the beaded necklace as a going away gift when I left my job, how cool is that? I LOVE it!!
Chris --I wear my warm lime green hat and scarf all the time, your mom is talented!
Annette --Monkey is in my car Soooo cute! The Scarf is with my fancy black dress to wear next year, I'll be that size right? We didn't go to the ball this year.
Tammy M --Bella looks so cute in her scarf...for football I'm guessing?? We're sooo out of it for sports!

Today was snowy and windy, but I like it. My faithful RAV4 gets around so well.  Bella had to get a collar today to keep her from chewing off her stitches where her dew claw was removed. She's pitiful, but seems capable of finding positions to snooze in.

College classes start this week, I have a really hard math class and I have to finish my ENG class that I didn't finish when I got sick last spring....sigh....I have a headache just thinking about GERS....I so prefer classes that are fun like Anatomy and Physiology or anything to do with medical offices or even nutrition....geez I'm all over the place, I need to focus or else get 3 degrees!


  1. Poor Bella she does look so pitiful. The "Boys," discovered trees yesterday. They spent two hours rushing up and down 4 of the big trees. I am hoping that they can get out today and run off some of their energy before the rainy weather returns. They have discovered the fun of pushing each other into the bathtub, sinks, and toilets. Needless to say they are not scared of water LOL.
    So glad everyone enjoyed all the goodies,I like to keep you all in good Southern yummies. I am glad Bella enjoys her duck, I saw it and just had to get it for her.
    You got some wonderful gifts and some nice spoiling which a special person like you deserves. The English and math classes stink, are hard, and have a ton of work, but look at it this way once it is over you never have to do it again. I was celebrating the day I took my Trig exam because it meant no more of that class. I took classes all over the curriculum also until I finished, hey it is learning besides some of them were interesting. Also you know the answer to those obscure trivia questions, LOL.

  2. Hey there - Bella is getting so big! What a cutie! Looking at your new game Pictureka made me think of the game Apples to Apples - do you have that one? I know you're big into playing games and this one is hilarious! Sorry to be out of touch, has Manderzz been swimming lately?

  3. hey Lori! I haven't been around either, was resting...or just being a super-holiday mom I guess. We LOVE Apples to Apples! A whole bunch of boys played it on Jr's 18th b-day (on Halloween even) that cracked me up!

    I hope she'll join the swim team again, I think that's coming up pretty soon. She thinks it's "hard" ughhh kids!