Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey!! I'm Back...

A random group of locals hanging out at the crab pots and dancing...
Sonia...that hat is sooooo cool!
There is no logical explanation!

Unalaskans dancing in the drizzle.
Pooor baby Bella...2 surgeries on Friday, but no girl-drama later!
Juno looking like a beauty queen at the soccer game on SAT. Jr and JP are the coaches, Dyl and Manderzz are both on the team. Dyl and one other 8th grader are about twice as big, muscular and hairy...err mature as the other little kids. They can't even really try, they hurt everyone if they do. There was a little girl in the stands whose nose is probably still swollen --sorry ZE.

So handsome!
She was jumping right in, go Manderzz!!
Look at the size difference --smaller 6th graders next to larger 8th graders is a HUGE difference!

I have no idea why I wasn't motivated to blog all through the holidays, but I wasn't . I have a couple hundred pics, and sometimes I forgot to bring a camera along --bad me!

I'm getting more on a "normal" for me schedule again, classes start next week --Math 107, HLTH 203. Also I need to finish my English class and 2 other random classes too that I am not even sure what they're called, ways to help study or do research or something. I'll know more soon. I'm going to need LOTS of help in Math, it's been a few years since my last math class. Jr is still home, he's got an A or A+ in Calculus....gotta take advantage while I can!

Bella is 41 pounds now and just over 5 months old! She was spayed on Friday and also had a dew claw removed that the breeder had missed. That surgery site is worse than the one in her abdomen! But neither are bad and she's been fine since 16 hours post surgery.
I'll get caught up on everything, maybe a week at a time, but here's yesterday:

Sonia and I went to a rummage sale with about 10 tables. All I found is a hot plate with 2 burners, good for all the get-togethers we have or for Jr. to sneak to his dorm (or residence hall as is the PC term these days) in SEP.
We ran some other errands, watched 2 soccer games and I got some pictures of Sonia and crew...I can't even explain until after Valentine's Day...they're TV stars, that's all I'm sayin...


  1. updates of life!!! Are there definite "dorm plans" already??

  2. Nooo not yet, no letters from school outside of AK. The 3 AK Universities are begging him to attend. They love the top 10% of graduating seniors a lot.

  3. Poor Bella give her a big hug from us. My babies have their surgeries at the end of the month the "Boys," will get to come home on Sat. while Ms. Pretty she gets to stay for the weekend. The Boys, have discovered the joy of gnawing on king crab claws and batting them under furniture the little darlings. I feel for your math ordeal trig was a long time ago and I still remember sweating to pass that class. Soccer looks like fun great job done by Dyls and Manderzz. Juno does look like a beauty queen very nice. Jr will want to get a coffee maker also for his room, comes in handy to heat up water etc... Can't wait to see the TV stars LOL love the dancing among the crab pots. Oh we just ordered a huge amount of Alaskan seafood Split king crab legs, scallops, Coho, Sockeye, Reindeer Sausage, and some crab cakes. We got our freezer stocked for a couple of months. Kid has a bad abscess her last molar chipped and the wisdom teeth are crossed sideways under it. Thew dentist is putting her on a couple of weeks of antibiotics then she will have to go get the wisdom teeth cut from her gum, Yucky as she says. The throw you sent has gotten several compliments everyone loves looking at it. Have a great one.

  4. YEYEYEYEYE your back your back!!! yeyeee haw!!

  5. About Time!!! Having to carry the Unalaska/Dutch Harbor blogging burden alone was tiring.
    Give Bella a big kiss for me!

  6. Awwww, poor Bella....thank goodness she has a really good "mother" taking care of her.

    I miss you!

  7. Welcome back! I missed your posts.

  8. If you have an interest in selling cookies or cookie dough for a fundraiser there is a website called Easy Fundraising Ideas that has about 10 different Cookie Dough Fundraising programs and they don't cost anything to start.

  9. How random is that last comment? What is shipping to the Aleutians for 100s of pounds of frozen cookie dough? Will it stay frozen during transport? I fear it's easier to make our own...which I do way too often!

  10. the cookie dough post....a sals promotion probably?????

  11. ohh yeahj, I know. Just silly as those f/r don't work well here! (shipping probs, not that people won't buy it!!) We did do it once for scouts...and even got a deal on the shipping from ANC. OMG the sorting in a cold warehouse and making sure that several thousand dollars worth of dough get picked up and distributed without thawing is a pain!

  12. Welcome Back Mel... !

    bout time... :)

  13. Welcome back, I have missed you. Who was watching out for CB while you were in retirement??