Saturday, December 05, 2009

Party Tonight!

Everyone is talking about the winds we had last night, nothing happened to us, but AG's car door was trashed, my next-door-neighbor's deck fell apart and his bbq was almost in the river! Up the hill Gil and Kristi's shed blew apart and the APL crane fell over too! CRAZY! I hear 120mph gusts were recorded!
A lot of the town are going to the Fireman's Ball tonight and some are working (Sorry Jr!) and happy birthday Juno!
We're having a going away party for one of the guys on the boat tonight. I'm on a kick --I made 2 kinds of nut/dried fruit clusters and 4 kinds of flavored party nuts. I noticed that I have a TON of nuts in my freezer. T is planning this party with the other guys, so they're going to make BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs?? Random for December! It's calm now, but is supposed to blow up to 65 tonight! Should be fun to watch :)

for art class....ignore my eBay piles...they'll HOPEFULLY be listed next week and eventually GONE!!
(that is my dream and my husband's too!)

Jr is an Eagle Scout! He started in scouts in 1st grade, had everything EXCEPT the project done before he was 13. Went to the Jamboree when he was 13, watched 4 leaders get electrocuted, came home, our scoutmaster (Manny) died (He was elderly) He wasn't into it anymore, but he did a great project --helping with the restoration project the Russian Orthodox Church is doing for the Bishop's House, which is right next door to the church. We're so proud and thankful that he's finally done!


  1. Wow big wind to do all that damage. Knocking over a crane just glad no one was hurt. The party sounds like a grand event BBQ in the wind should be fun for the men LOL. Bella looks adorable in her new coat. She will be the fashionable duck puppy very important to be fashionable when duck hunting. Jr has achieved so much even through all that adversity he is a great Eagle Scout Kudos to him for making it. He picked a great project and I am proud of him. Enjoy your nut creation baking I'll have to send you some more different kinds for you to use.

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only hamburger and hotdog planner...
    More drama here. So much for a nice weekend with my husband. Cheryl filed more abuse charges and a bunch of other malarky. Roy called yesterday with the news, ugh! What a freak that woman is. We will be back in court, probably next week.

  3. CB has a great video of Captain T's Stimson she looks so sharp so much prettier than,"those other boats." LOL