Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday Night Madness was still warm and had not starting to rain at this point in the walk.

Cool rock.

Just was not a crazy Thursday night....AG and family arrived safe and soundly...pretty much on time and with all of their bags....that's always nice to hear!

I slept after work, like most nights. But only for an hour then went for a long walk with my friend Angela who is here with her son Jake this summer. We talked a lot and got caught up. It was very nice. At home the family was having a Sorry! rematch, I even joined in for a mean game...lost of course. Hopefully this weekend will be more exciting!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Work Hard!!! No...Really!

Grandpa borrowed a hoodie to go fishing. He's awesome, he never stops moving.
Dills is determined to catch some Dollys in the river behind our house.

The halibut were small, but they cooked up nicely! Don't look Grandma Marlys...he really didn't eat these for supper :) Good thing my husband can deep fry halibut, I make a mess of it.

Such cute wittle halibut!

I trapped Bossy in with boxes, not a good move, I had to load the van with them so she could get out!
We are sooo tough, practically longshoremen :)

This is "before"
I didn't do anything TUE night...literally, I let my husband and Father in Law prepare dinner. Wednesday I had energy! Bossy asked if I was ready for the next round of cleaning out "storage" I was ready...we needed pizza and diet coke after, but it was nice to get fresh air.
Last night I had 2 appointments-- a walk and some Eagle Scout stuff...neither panned out, but that's OK. I got a night off. I cleaned, puttered and went to bed early. I'm energetic again today, ready for the next round of hauling heavy things to the landfill!
AG & family fly in today!! It's sunny and calm (a RARE combination this summer) I believe the guys will be trying for more halibut. My fingers are crossed --Irene's are too!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Beach is Definately NOT Glass Beach!

Anyone have a guess what this could be with the cute nubbin?
Daisys? I'll look it up at home in my "Wildflowers of Unalaska" book!

Manderzz thought the texture of this rock was very cool.
He's goofy sometimes. A bone from a fin? Again...I'm a blondie... Patty says it's a scapula. And I got As in A&P --both semesters! Oops.
I'm assuming this is where the scapula came from. No clue what it is. Anyone?

I think someone was fishing with a energy drink can, some line and a lure. There is a ton of kelp and a lot of rocks on this beach. I think they gave up quickly as the lure was like new.
Who would rock climb here? If you fell you are quit aways from the clinic and a long way from Anchorage!
In some places it was like someone poured concrete on the beach! Grandpa is so quick! He likes to be in front in case there are treasure to be found!

Manderzz liked this one too. There is a ginormous rock across the bay like this that I love. the water is 30 feet deep right at the edge of the rock, and it's got a pattern like the other rock picture I took...hopefully in the next week we'll make it over there.
Another rock climbing set-up...we should go AG! You first...
Flowers growing out of the rock.
She's not posing --that's her regular smile, really!
This was one of the rockier beaches we've hiked.
"Hot Man Chicken" My husband found this piece of wood....RANDOM!!
Anyone know the history of the gigantic anchor in concrete on the beach?

Last night we planned on walking the spit beach, but when we got there my husband suggested we check out the beach to the left...going out toward I don't know what I have absolutely no sense of direction. I went to the library to ask the famous blogging librarian...she wasn't there hmmph! You have days off Lauri???! So I asked the famous author Liberian Cora! She's Ulakta Head...duhhh. I knew that.

It was evident that not too many walk this beach. There was only one piece of sea glass! It was a very unique piece, so that makes it worth it. Manderzz found it as she first stepped on the beach...for 90 minutes after that --'nuthin...ohhh I did find a new lure and Grandpa grabbed some metal circular things that go on crab pot set ups to enable undersized crab to escape. Evidently we now own a handful of these LOL, he got them for us!
It's still gray and I think I shamed the guys into going fishing today...I only asked if they're made of sugar, told them that Irene was given a silver already and lamented that I've forgetten what fresh halibut tastes like...I'm sort of mean!

Monday, July 27, 2009

MOM Don't Look at this POST!!

My dad is so cute! My step-mom found this on YouTube hehe that is awesome, someone thinks cutting concrete is that interesting!
AKDAVE will appreciate this one as he's seen my dad's house & truck in Anacortes.

Rainy Sunday Partying and Game Playing

I didn't hear who won, wonder where I wondered off to? Hmmm....
I can't get over it, my father-in-law is HERE!!'s so cool!
JR, Willy's daughters (forgot their names) and HZ. HZ (2008 grad) told everyone that going to UCSD her whole life was like getting a private school education in a public school! Wow! That says a lot for our little town. She went on to explain, the class sizes are small, the teachers are excellent, there is a lot of extra help, UCSD keeps up with the latest technology. Now if every student would be as mature and driven as HZ....
DH, RG, ML and JV....
Gigi is hiding in the back having a beverage...we had lots of lively conversation, a fun game which LC (in purple on the far right) totally won! I got only 10 of the 16 questions correct. She had 13 I think. We got to hear a lot about college from HZ and ES. Wow! 2 GREAT examples of kids who went to UCSD their entire lives and are succeeding in NYC and on Long Island! You two are awesome!! Thanks for sharing...and I'm so glad that UCSD prepared you for "the real world"!!
CG & ML laughing at something hilarious!

It started raining after brunch, which completely messed up the plans for fishing or hiking another beach that we had. Those 2 guys went to look at boats or something very exciting like that...mounted some rubber stamps that I have had on my to-do list, it was a DULL afternoon!

Gigi and Rich had a party --you have to visit her blog in the next day or two when she posts to find out the reason for celebration -- Everyone brought food and it was all delicious, but the couscous salad, Kahlua cake, spinach dip and OMG the halibut tacos all deserve special mention, YUMMMMY!!!
When I got home most of the family was playing a cutthroat game of Sorry!
I can't believe the weekend is over already.....I'm not ready for 5 days in the office while everyone else is relaxing at home :(

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jr. Working Hard This Weekend

A gorgeous dessert platter Jr. made for an event last night.
Holy cow, just a bit of family resemblence??
Manderzz enjoying one last chocolate covered strawberry...super-server Michael in the background!
We got a visit from a cute chef-like guy!
This morning's selection --I chose a chocolate mousse.

So Jr. hasn't been around for all the family stuff...he's been working! (that is impressive if you know our teen). He'd rather be sleeping --he does come by that naturally. I'm quite a fan of snoozing myself!
We went to brunch this morning and were spoiled by Michael, Gus, Vanessa and of course Jr and Jeff! (Dills went up for 2 omelets and 2 helpings of prime rib! omg how does he do that!?)

Beachcombing With Grandpa

Not much of a haul for a 90 min hike, but it was nice to be outside!
Nobdy even takes the driftwood from this beach that is right by town, it's just not easy to get down to.
Grandpa is very spry...we were impressed!
This was cool --a natural pool. There are rocks all around in a circle.
Grandpa modeling a pair of gloves he found right by Little Priest Rock
I've never been next to this big rock, I've only seen it from the road --did everyone know there is a hole through it? I need to be more attentive I guess. I had no clue.

Grandpa loves to walk on beaches! We can indulge him, gladly! There are sooo many beaches to walk here. We're going to hit as many as we can. We walked along the road to Summer Bay yesterday after dinner, it is rocky, steep and not the greatest beach...we have always wanted to check it out. All we found were 3 pieces of beach glass and 1 cute little shell. It's raining right now, too bad, we want to be out hiking another beach!

Harbor Seal for Lunch & Camp Q f/r Auction

Dills and his giant pile of harbor seal boiled with patrushki....he loves it. I tried a bite, the photo he took is not good. Cannot share it. LOL, maybe there was too much patrushki in my portion, it tasted like seaweed. YAY! Dills...he enjoys so much of the traditional food the locals prepare.
There was an auction, I had to have this unique beaded bracelet, it has a lot of lime green. I outbid AB...There were some awesome earrings too, I hope the artist-- JB will sell some to me!
Dills getting his certificate.
The famous, or is it infamous Jerah Chadwick was the auctioneer. He lived in Unalaska for many years was a college english professor for our branch of the Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks, was poet laureate for the State of Alaska a couple years ago, he's Pattycake's bentwoods hat helper and friend to many here --last year the Q-tribe made him an honarary member!
Manderzz recieving her certificate.

My last post about Camp-Q....really! It's just a very cool week, my kids love it, it's one of the coolest things we have here!