Friday, July 10, 2009

I Actually Left My House!

Manderzz found a ginnormous piece of perfect sea glass!! Lucky girl.
There were a total of 9 of us including Sugar on the walk. CB and I are missing from the pic.

We found some tiny salmon (we think) in the tide pools.
Jefferson almost needs a haircut!
The person who stayed in the shack was tidy at least.
The boys thought the beach-shack was too cool. It was just their size.
The kids thought the shack was very interesting.
AG found her 1st piece of sea glass, her "jellybean" was so cute!

I do go to work everyday, but since Joann and Austin went home I have been really taking it easy. I simply have not had the energy to do anything!
A bunch of my favorite people went to the beach last night and it was lovely! Soooo much warmer than the last time I was at "Jefferson Beach" AKA the far side of Summer Bay.
Tonight we're having a dinner and a bonfire. I'm trying to do things. I'm going back to the endocrinologist on TUE and WED of next week. Maybe she can help?
AND my husband will be home in just over a week. He's got lots of energy. We'll be busy, his father is even coming to visit for the first time!!
In AUG when the boat is gone yet again, I'm HOPING that my buddy AKGLITTERQUEEN comes out for awhile!? She will be so fun and fit in with Alena! CB and AG just perfectly I predict.

When does school start anyway? Ohh yeah on my birthday, thanks to the school board for approving that! LOL...


  1. Great photos, CD!

    I'm praying that your endo can help you and that you feel better soon....


  2. YAY! Congrats Manderzz and AG on the sea glass! Way cool! Sorry that we tired you out, just glad we got you to the parade and fireworks. I read a lot of the book you gave me on the planes home. It is awesome! Thank you!

  3. No, it's not your fault I'm lazy!! I just need something to motivate me this summer (like having cool visitors in town!) Glad you liked the book, the other 2 by the same guy are even better!

  4. CD....what did ya give her to read ?

    Tom Bodett ?

    There are several, all Alaska related.

  5. CD love the pictures cool beach shack the kids found hmm I know CD's guest house hee hee. Great pictures yep Jefferson needs a trim. Wahoo what a great piece of beach glass Manderzz found. I found a new veggie chip tried it not bad sent you a pack out today hope you all like them. I hope your Endocrinologist can help you feel better. Glad Capt. Troy will be home soon hebetter spoil you some.

  6. Haha we're in Unalaska not Homer! I have read his stuff (thank you AKGlitterqueen!) I ended up with a 2nd copy of Spike Walker's 1st book. I DID explain that the next 2 are better :). (didn't go into his poor writing or the inaccuraces about Kodiak that most wouldn't catch...) But I think it's better to read his stories than watch The Perfect Storm or even DC! Crab fishing was sooo much more intense and those "Coming Back Alive" stories are so good I stayed up a whole night to read the entire book --I never do that!