Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jr. Working Hard This Weekend

A gorgeous dessert platter Jr. made for an event last night.
Holy cow, just a bit of family resemblence??
Manderzz enjoying one last chocolate covered strawberry...super-server Michael in the background!
We got a visit from a cute chef-like guy!
This morning's selection --I chose a chocolate mousse.

So Jr. hasn't been around for all the family stuff...he's been working! (that is impressive if you know our teen). He'd rather be sleeping --he does come by that naturally. I'm quite a fan of snoozing myself!
We went to brunch this morning and were spoiled by Michael, Gus, Vanessa and of course Jr and Jeff! (Dills went up for 2 omelets and 2 helpings of prime rib! omg how does he do that!?)


  1. Wow, what a spread! Now, I'm hungry AND sleepy! Thanks CD :)

  2. Cd what a great platter Jr. did looks yummy. I think i would have to have one of the chocolate mousse also. Manderzz looks like she is enjoying her chocolate covered strawberry. the two men do look alike quite a family resemblance there. :) Glad you got spoiled. The kiddo joined us for supper this make a week she has come to eat with us. I am glad to see her come do her laundry eat with us, play with her dog then she goes to her apartment for the night. This way she isn't running about as much.

  3. Lauri, I went to the library to get a new weren't there! Did you get a nap then? It was so awful out there wasn't much else to do.
    Your daughter is as busy as my 3 I think Margarita!