Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Work Hard!!! No...Really!

Grandpa borrowed a hoodie to go fishing. He's awesome, he never stops moving.
Dills is determined to catch some Dollys in the river behind our house.

The halibut were small, but they cooked up nicely! Don't look Grandma Marlys...he really didn't eat these for supper :) Good thing my husband can deep fry halibut, I make a mess of it.

Such cute wittle halibut!

I trapped Bossy in with boxes, not a good move, I had to load the van with them so she could get out!
We are sooo tough, practically longshoremen :)

This is "before"
I didn't do anything TUE night...literally, I let my husband and Father in Law prepare dinner. Wednesday I had energy! Bossy asked if I was ready for the next round of cleaning out "storage" I was ready...we needed pizza and diet coke after, but it was nice to get fresh air.
Last night I had 2 appointments-- a walk and some Eagle Scout stuff...neither panned out, but that's OK. I got a night off. I cleaned, puttered and went to bed early. I'm energetic again today, ready for the next round of hauling heavy things to the landfill!
AG & family fly in today!! It's sunny and calm (a RARE combination this summer) I believe the guys will be trying for more halibut. My fingers are crossed --Irene's are too!!


  1. You really do work hard, CD! Great post and great day to getting stuck in Cold Bay for AG and family...BUT remember the weather could change at any time....looks like Grandpa is having a great time! And Alena! looks like she is feeling ALOT better. Whew!

  2. I like the fried halibut. The tails on the halibut are similar in color to the river trout here but add more speckles for the trout. When you get finished moving boxes I got a pile of the kiddos you can help me move. We are hoping to have them out of the house by end of August. I want to clean the room and turn it into the extra TV.DVD room. move all the DVD's out of the living room shelf and put in there. I'll have shelf space for my books. Right now I am battling a nasty flu virus. I am resting as much as possible.

  3. oh no, get better!! LOL only baby halibut have speckles! Poor little fish, but they were very tender and juicy!
    Do you get halibut in the stores way over there?

  4. that's a lot of storage if you have to look at each item and make decisions on each too!!

    No summer classes posted I see? We start school in two weeks and the kids come back in 2 1/2 weeks. Can't school openings

  5. no classes for awhile. I'm just recovering from my thyroiditis and trying to loose some weight need to exercise, not sit around studying. Plus it's our eldest son's senior year...that is so intense!
    School starts on my birthday this year!! LAME...LAME ...LAME it's supposed to be summer still [pouting]

    ohh yeah all the stuff we took out belonged to a different department of the company we're employed by! We didn't have to sort...but there's a bunch left to sort.

  6. You are lucky CD. Im finishing one round of classes Sunday and start the next round Monday! I hate essay writing. I think you are doing things the right way. When you have energy you get stuff done, and when you are tired you take it easy. Hopefully you will be back to "normal" soon!