Monday, July 27, 2009

Rainy Sunday Partying and Game Playing

I didn't hear who won, wonder where I wondered off to? Hmmm....
I can't get over it, my father-in-law is HERE!!'s so cool!
JR, Willy's daughters (forgot their names) and HZ. HZ (2008 grad) told everyone that going to UCSD her whole life was like getting a private school education in a public school! Wow! That says a lot for our little town. She went on to explain, the class sizes are small, the teachers are excellent, there is a lot of extra help, UCSD keeps up with the latest technology. Now if every student would be as mature and driven as HZ....
DH, RG, ML and JV....
Gigi is hiding in the back having a beverage...we had lots of lively conversation, a fun game which LC (in purple on the far right) totally won! I got only 10 of the 16 questions correct. She had 13 I think. We got to hear a lot about college from HZ and ES. Wow! 2 GREAT examples of kids who went to UCSD their entire lives and are succeeding in NYC and on Long Island! You two are awesome!! Thanks for sharing...and I'm so glad that UCSD prepared you for "the real world"!!
CG & ML laughing at something hilarious!

It started raining after brunch, which completely messed up the plans for fishing or hiking another beach that we had. Those 2 guys went to look at boats or something very exciting like that...mounted some rubber stamps that I have had on my to-do list, it was a DULL afternoon!

Gigi and Rich had a party --you have to visit her blog in the next day or two when she posts to find out the reason for celebration -- Everyone brought food and it was all delicious, but the couscous salad, Kahlua cake, spinach dip and OMG the halibut tacos all deserve special mention, YUMMMMY!!!
When I got home most of the family was playing a cutthroat game of Sorry!
I can't believe the weekend is over already.....I'm not ready for 5 days in the office while everyone else is relaxing at home :(

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  1. Aww so sorry the weekend is over for you. What great schools you have. The schools here could use bunches of improvement. Last year the schools ran out of money so each student had to bring in packs of paper for the teachers to use to print our on. They collected empty ink cartridges to turn in for new full ones 12 empty one - one full. The school district spend the money on standardize test improvement workbooks and building two new schools. Sheesh I think supplies are a bit more necessary then new school buildings.
    Your rain must have finally got the message to come this way please send more. Sounds like a great party and lots of fun games.