Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haircuts! And A Major Goal Almost Accomplished...

Dills = Neither awake nor amused.
The bangs WILL grow Manderzz (a Dad thing, he wanted them shorter than she did.)
OMG those chins...I am getting healthier though maybe this chubby drama will be over by fall!
Wow..that was some long hair he had a few months ago!
Dave Gregory helped with this project a lot. And Dick Peck has helped with paperwork more than I could possibly even try to describe! We're indebted to both! THANKS SO MUCH!
The project was helping with the remodel of the Bishop's House next to the Russian Orthodox church. Everyone has seen pictures of it before, most likely without even really noticing it --

Three of us got new 'dos this week -- I love mine and Manderzz is thrilled too. Dills is a bit pouty, but his dad is happy. Grandpa is heading here on the ferry from Kodiak. (Let's hope the freakin' monsoon-type rains are gone before he arrives on Saturday!!) There will not be a teen with THAT much hair here when Dad's Dad is here.
The kids have been in camp Qungaayux this week, it started raining so hard on MON that they sent them home early and held camp in the elementary school building yesterday and today. What a bummer! But that's life in Unalaska, you just adapt!

Jr. is about to become an Eagle Scout. He's pretty studious when he wants to be. (3rd in his class too, but since his 2 BFFs are #1 and #2 no bitterness!) He'd done all the required badges by the age of 13. We got the brillant idea to send him to the Jamboree in Washington DC.
That was tough!!! He never cared to participate in any scouting event after that incident. BUT he was so close to being an Eagle with "just a bit of encouragement" he's finished his project. (Thanks Dick Peck and Dave Gregory!!!!) We're filling out the paperwork required, having a meeting on THUR...hopefully tying up loose ends to be done with this accomplishement before school starts and he's completely swamped. He'll be the 1st Eagle Scout that I've heard of in the entire Aleutians...I need to do a bit more checking to validify that claim though. Most of the scouts out here don't get very far. People work so much and many families move here for a short time then leave, scouting has been hard to be consistant with, which bums me out...but I'm ME, I can't even tie a knot! I can't do too much about it.


  1. CD, nobody should look that good when they are sick. Are you sure you are sick?? Very cute pic.

  2. My thyroid is about half-working now :)

  3. Aww, everyone looks great with their new cuts! That is so cool about the Eagle Scout. That is great for college days - they can see he is dedicated. Awesome Jr! CD- You do not look sick! I am getting back into the lifting more since I have been back. Benched 105 today and back to the 35 dumbells. Starting to get back to where I was!

  4. Great photos, CD! And you look fantastic...That is totally cool about the Eagle Scout! I'm impressed :)

  5. CD you look GREAT!!! MAHVULOUS FAHBULOUS as the old commercial goes. Wow Eagle scout why to go and what a great project to do. Here the Eagle scouts do several projects in the parks such as building benches, marking a trail for the blind complete with Braille signs and rope hand rail, building handicap ramps for some picnic shelters building several handicap accessible cabins etc... You all have a lot to be proud of.
    Well kid is living alone now her roommate moved out. The time alone seems to be good for her. She is learning how to go to the Dollar store and shop for items. I am hoping maybe she will mature a bit.

  6. Dill looks PAST annoyed! ;op Iam LOVEN your cut VERYYYY Cute on you!!

  7. Poor Dills!! Well, it'll grow back!

    Way to go Derrick!! What an awesome accomplishment! Not too many people AT ALL manage to get to that level, much less in the Aleutians!

    You guys are all awesome!!