Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm at 200 Posts..Time Flies!

Dills was ohhh so thrilled to be up at 7:30am today for Camp Qungaayux.
Manderzz always has the perfect outfit for any occassion, her new cool boots aren't here yet though, maybe they're the package that's at the PO.
We went hiking on the beach past Morris Cove yesterday when he finally got up!
It was so warm I didn't have a jacket on! That is RARE!

Yesterday our whole family was pretty tired after being up past 3am! (or 6 for my husband....he had to check out all his packages!) But it was warm in the afternoon and we went for a hike at Morris Cove. The rest of the day we pretty much did nothing. My husband did work on cleaning up the very back of my RAV which got wet at some point and was a bit of a mess and played tennis with Manderzz, got the teens back on track for doing their homework! (not my fault Jr. insisted on taking pre-calc on his own!)


  1. Glad you are having family fun, despite the tired feelings! Can't believe you have already passed me up on posts. I am at 199. LOL

  2. CD so glad you all got to do some family fun. You tell those teens no more moon-pies if they don't do there homework LOL. Glad you hubby cleaned you RAV hee hee I got a taraus station wagon he can do next LOL. You look great glad it was so nice and warm. Enjoy the great weather we are in the 80's here but need rain. My garden baked even with watering. I am so glad they have a produce market nearby.

  3. we are just burning summer aren't we???? Glad you are able to enjoy the kids, time with them passes so quickly!!

  4. YAY # 200!!! Glad to see you out and about & with the Hubby!

  5. heheh no kids on our walk! They were sleeping :) I did get to nap with Manderzz on the couch last night --is that bonding? They were so tired after native camp!