Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting Ready for the Boat to Come Home!!

One of the many names we tease Captn T with.
This is actually Jr's nickname (Halloween b-day) not sure how it go to be Dad's's from the big boys.

AS is so cute... His drawing is great! The spelling is precious.
AS and his buddy CO made this one. Simple and straight to the point!
AG made this one!
AG says my smiles are cheesy, yeah pretty much!
The kids did theirs while we picked up dinner (4 different places if you count the Mike's Hard Lemonade) We made our posters after washing the cars and hanging by the fire for awhile.
Three energetic boys getting the wood that was laying on the hillside across the street from our house.
Hiking up the hill across the street to grab the wood! It was cluttering up the terrain!
AG is working hard, I'm trying to avoid my car-cleaning chore

These three showed up and ate all of our leftovers! Manderzz got a bacon-double cheeseburger instead of chicken strips and fries! NOT GOOD! AS and CO shared some of their chicken, you guys are so sweet!--Manderzz was pouty the rest of the night -- a bit of a drama queen.

It's been nearly 2 months since we left Unalaska for our summer vacation! Time flies! My husband stayed here and did subsistence fishing for red salmon and king crab before leaving for Bristol Bay for 5 weeks.
We miss him! AG and I even washed our cars inside and out --OK I have to wipe mine down inside still and we hired the two 10 year olds to wash the outside --those two drive a hard bargain! Note to self: get a second $5 bill today to pay them.
I can't stand washing my car, unlike my hubby who washes his fancy ride almost daily :)

We even made posters..that has NEVER happened! Usually we just stay out of the way and wait at home, but not after this long trip (and it's summer) It's no fun to hang out at the dock in the winter --brrrrrr.


  1. Everyone and every age appreciates "Welcome" signs CD.
    We made them for our summer program students and each one noticed and smiled!!!
    God made all of us to welcome and help others and signs are an outward expression of that kind thoguht.

  2. Sweet! Glad he's on his way home so you can have some family time.

  3. CD Capt. Troy is going to love those welcome home signs. Glad he is heading home. Sorry Manderzz got a bacon cheese burger poor gal. Drama hmm she might be taking lessons from mine she is the original Drama Llama. Oh well give Manderzz a Moonpie hee hee the sugar will take care of the drama. Glad your car got cleaned we do our about twice a year LOL.

  4. Happy to hear your hubby is on his way home! Wish mine was, but still have a 10 day wait...THEN he's only home for a few hours...I miss him!

    I need to clean out my rig too, it's really dirty!

    He will LOVE the welcome home posters! Great job!

  5. I make myself do it once a year whether it needs it or not :)
    See ya in a few. Need to replenish my DVDs! (have to stay entertained until midnight!)And run to get some beverages to have here for the husband, run to the landfill all that boat's coming in stuff!

  6. I know that "boat's coming in stuff" oh so well..."yeah, honey, the house is ALWAYS this clean" or "there's ALWAYS lots to eat in the fridge" LMAO....

  7. I've been sleeping all day! Just getting started now! I have 7 hours, right?...Jr went to the landfill and the store for me at least.