Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Bossy is Back in Town!

SP --Looking cute as always!
CB visiting us during lunch. No pics of the 3 "ladies who lunch" we were not very photogenic.
Jeff and Jr. Look Jr has a different hoodie on, hooray!

Bossy is back and smiling too :)

Yesterday was sad (Sonia's last day here at this office) but happy too. (Bossy came back to work!)
SP didn't want to leave his mom, he was was here for about an's just not that fun for kids after a short while, but it was good to see him.
Sonia took us to lunch, Thanks!! CB stopped by to say, "Hey" and I had the best coleslaw ever made by the chef-in-shorts (got to get Jr a pair of those!) YUM!!! It was sort of southwestern, the dressing was similar to the Cabo Salad dressing. I don't care much for mayonnaise and didn't know coleslaw could be made with a vinaigrette.
I was exhausted last night and literally snoozed all night except for 2 rounds of dinner one for Manderzz and one at 11:30 for Jr. and friends. Seemed easier to cook some food than to listen to them rummaging around all night!
It must've worked (posting pics of them sleeping) they were so quiet last night!! YAY!
Today it's hot (64 degrees) but gray & windy at the same time, very odd.


  1. SP looks SOOOOOO Happpy!!! He was missing him mum Lots!!!
    Hey, Call me about that thing tomorrow at 4pm.

  2. I can't believe AG is not going to work there anymore!!! OMG!! SP is adorable and looks happy to have Mom back.

  3. Love the picture of CB he has a great happy look. Jr.'s new hoodie is cool hee hee. Sorry to hear it was AG's last day, but glad your Bossy came back. Nice kiddos let you rest.