Monday, July 13, 2009

Working Hard, Lunching & A Big Event in Unalaska!

This is A LOT of cars in one place for our town! They go way down the road on the other side too! That's a ton of people in one place for the middle of summer--really!

CB looking tough...or just crazy!

AG was up for climbing up to replace bulbs...I went and got them...but didn't climb, thanks for doing that (although it's awfully bright in the front office now!)
AG eating mostly salad with a diet soda...the soup was too salty (hey Chef- in-Shorts not so much salt in soups if at all possible???)
Not looking my best...whatever.

Today AG and I cleaned and cleaned....we took a truck load of stuff to storage, we got light bulbs and replaced burned out ones. We worked so hard that I had to shower after work because I felt so dusty and sweaty!! I only do physical work like that once or twice a year! I much prefer making phone calls and typing, printing, faxing & talking of course!

We went to lunch, ran into CB who was so extraordinarily clean & spiffy that he wouldn't even give me a hug!! (He was heading to a cruise ship to do a tour with the visitors.)
After work Jr and CB needed to attend the big re-opening of the local hardware store. (Just to sell the remaining inventory before closing permanently.) It was SO full! It seemed like half the town was there. I dropped Jr. off with the list from his dad and my debit card as it was right before the opening time of 5:30 and the line was nearly all the way to the road! HA! like he was anywhere near the cashier by the time I drove to the other side where my spiffy friend was just finishing up with the tourists and got back to the store in the valley.
In all it took 2.5 hours to peruse the small store and stand in the longest line EVER seen in this town! Even when AC closed the lines were nothing compared the the 2 lines at UBS tonight. It was great fun, everyone was visiting, I saw many people I haven't seen in ages, the local TV station was there filming even! Heheh they interviewed Jr. and informed us we were in the "fast" line --ok. It was so fast that CB and Jr had to eat candy & drink some sugary beverages to survive the ordeal -- I am a smart shopper, I ate some crackers & cheese before the big shopping trip! Doesn't take much to entertain us, does it??


  1. We Were there from 5:30 Till 8!! Of that 2 1/2 hours 1 hour and 45 minutes were spent in Line!!! Of Course we needed a snack!! And you did not tell anyone that the reason for no hugs was because I had to spend the afternoon taking a busload of Cruise Ship passengers all over town as a Board Member if the Convention and Visitors Bureau!!!!Oh Who Cares!! It was fun. (You just had to be there!!)

  2. Girl .. what are you talking about? You looked fabulous yesterday at lunch! As ALWAYS! And, I still can't believe I missed the EVENT of the YEAR! :-( But, that's okay, more money in my pocketbook for vacation!And, yes CB is looking a little tough and a lot crazy! LOL

  3. LOL CD ya'll have such fun. I love big closeout sales. A few years back a local store closed I had 6 shopping carts full of items after bagging it all it took 3 extra people tp get it all to the car LOL we packed that car full with all the bags of drinks, paper products, cleaning supplies, etc. It was great everyone loved that sale.
    CB does look a bit tough and crazy. Glad you got your cleaning done and you look MAH-VAH-LOUS as the old commercial goes.