Thursday, July 02, 2009

Friends Are Great!

Alex, when we were trying to come up with a movie for all the kids to watch while we adults sneak off to the Friday night buffet @ the Grand. "I'm still here, and I don't want no musicals!!" he's so funny.
AG is losing weight! She's so dedicated, I'm dedicated to snoozing...sigh.
Apples to Apples one of the best games when there is a big group! CB won, whatever, I'm sure he cheated.
Manderzz totally won Life on WED night, even though CB stole from 3 of us. JS knew to be banker and sit far away from her bro!
Go Manderzz go...
We all watched THAT SHOW on was so boring, and so was the one after it!
CB and Alena! wore my favorite color on TUE...I had a white hoodie. Sorry guys!

The weather is pretty rainy and the mood around town is somber....but we've been hanging out with CB, JS and AU in the evenings. Glad to for a 3 day weekend, I need it! I put in a whole 16 hours (I worked through lunch today!!)


  1. What fun looks like you all had a great time. Bad Bad CB snitching from others LOL. Hee hee when I watch those shows I know what you mean the endless drama gets boring fast. Lucky ducks you got rain send some this way it is dry and dusty here. You get some rest gal after working that many hours. Have a great and wonderful $th of July CD and family.

  2. Thanks for sharing game night. Apples to Apples is my students favorite vocabulary game, it is available in two younger editions 6+ and 9+.

    CB is looking thinner too!! COngrats to all