Friday, July 10, 2009

Did CB Jump In at the Waterfall? Or Not???!!

We had a delicious dinner bbq chicken (CB) homemade potato salad (AG) gluten free chocolate cake (me) and all the side dishes and beverages that go with a bbq. We walked 5 minutes down the road past my house to "The Waterfall"
Ohh did I mention that earlier AG and I walked in the same area and I stepped on a rusty nail :( CB says that's karma and what I get for walking before he arrived...WHATEVER!

Some kids jumped, Manderzz dunked, the little boys almost jumped, but there weren't enough towels; that seemed like a good enough excuse to it try another day.
It was 74 degrees when we got off work, but was down to 58 by the time this video was taken --

PS -- don't listen to the words tooo closely, it was a stressful time for CB!


  1. CB is a nut. I can't believe he did that I hope he doesn't catch a cold from his waterfall jumping. Looks like you all had fun, hope your foot is okay.

  2. hahah! I love that vid of CB jumping in the falls! It sounds like you guys had a great day except for the nail! boo! I hope the tetanus is up to date!

  3. My foot is a bit sore but it's a tiny hole lol. I checked -- I got a tetanus shot in 2007..whewww.