Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday Night Madness was still warm and had not starting to rain at this point in the walk.

Cool rock.

Just was not a crazy Thursday night....AG and family arrived safe and soundly...pretty much on time and with all of their bags....that's always nice to hear!

I slept after work, like most nights. But only for an hour then went for a long walk with my friend Angela who is here with her son Jake this summer. We talked a lot and got caught up. It was very nice. At home the family was having a Sorry! rematch, I even joined in for a mean game...lost of course. Hopefully this weekend will be more exciting!


  1. Hey gal sounds like your walk was great. I like the neat rock. Did you find any sea glass? It looks like a massive Sorry Game in progress. I spent the day sleeping and taking Thera-flu. I was of course constantly pushing my big snoring bed hogging kitty to the side. Every time I got up she would roll into my spot, why she thinks the only way to sleep is stretched out in the middle of the bed I do not know.
    I had a Caesar salad and stuffed baked potato for supper. we went to a local restaurant not a fancy place, but great food and good prices. Afterwords I stopped at the local dollar store picked up the kid's dog his bag of dog food and his chew bones. I will be glad when she is able to get him. She is looking at a house that has a nice side yard where he can stay on a running line. The house is suppose to become available for rental in September. The fiance is suppose to graduate at the end of August. He wants to go to Warrant Officers school next. He would be gone for another 3-4 months but he would get a nice pay increase. She is encouraging him to think about it he would be trained in all areas of food service if he did that.
    We get Halibut here and I have in my freezer several packs of wild salmon from Alaska. My two friends that run the seafood department at our local grocery redid the display they saved me some of the wild salmon and gave me a discount. I share some of Captains Phil's coffee with them. I always get an extra bag for them when I order some.
    I just finished an article in The Smithsonian Magazine about Geoducks and Narwhals. The pictures were great. Do they do a lot of Geoduck harvesting there? The article talked about the harvesting of them along the Alaskan coastline. The pictures of the Narwhals wow, have you or Troy ever seen them? The article said they mostly stayed in the Arctic, but mentioned they did move about feeding on fish. It was an interesting article. Have a fun weekend.

  2. Enjoy the time with your friend! That really is a cool rock...also, would you believe I almost have enough air miles to come up there?

  3. Hi CD,
    The rock has another rock inserted in it, indicating a geological active spot at one time..gee you must be in the "Ring of Fire" in the Aleutian Islands!!!

    I have never seen a mean game of Sorry, but in my classroom we get very competitive playing another of your favorites "apples to apples".

    Will you still be volunteering at school board when you resume classes?


  4. wow...I'd love to see a Narwhal, I've never heard of of being this far south though.
    I don't THINK we have I had to look it up to see what they are eewwww clams are gross even if they're around here I'd ignore them!

  5. YES! We are definitely in the ring of fire --remember all the "volcanoing" we had several months back? Maybe that was that a year ago??

    Apples to Apples is our favorite, but we like to have a crowd!

  6. Lhizz...are you going to come up here??

    School term expires this fall, not sure if I'll run again. I'm cutting back on everything to reduce stress/busy-ness!

  7. Cutting back for you would still make you busier than most people! As far as coming up there, eh, who knows! I'm just taking it as it comes at the moment. However, this year, I've burned all of my vacation plus some!