Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer Bay - Humpie Cove

All the treasures we found in two hours' hiking!
Looking back at the beach we had walked.
Looking down at Humpie Cove from the road.
Manderzz was tired! Her dad needs to get into shape for the moose hunt he's got in less than a month from now.
Why do we do this??
Ahhhh we made it to the beach!
Manderzz and I were getting a little tired near the end of the hike....a couple of rocks piles past "Jefferson Beach"

Boys will be boys...they had fun spotting the bouy all evening!
It's our favorite rock!

Friday night we hiked from Summer Bay - Humpie Cove. Then back to the truck on the road. It was quite a hike! Alena! & SP were visiting some friends who were camping at the Camp Q site. She recognized us from pretty far away --must've my the lime green shorts!


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  2. ( opps let me try that post again only half of it went through)
    CD gal that was quite a hike. Love the treasures you found. Still recovering from the nasty flu feel lots stronger today. I might even try taking a short walk around one of the towns koi ponds. I need to make a run to the local store get some pet food and drop off some items at our churches food pantry.
    Kid is visiting the bf/ fiance at Fort Lee, Virgina. She should return sometime tonight.