Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bonfire...Walking,..Giant Fish..and a Cake Too!

AB and Dills had a fire Thursday afternoon, I was home from work early, I didn't feel well.
I sent Manderzz out to take a pic of the fire..these 2 are what I got!
SP visited on THUR...he's adorable as always.
He's a keeper!
BS....T hooked it and let BS bring it in and keep the meat.
Awww the cake MS made for is gluten and potato starch free. It was very good, he ate half of it before he went to bed!
The front beach view is better when AK Steve catches it lol....
It really wasn't dark, but it looks cool.
AG is all about the beach glass now...

LOL This is AUG we fish, hike/walk and eat on the run....who cares about meals when it's decent outside!?
I had a school board meeting THUR night, AG came too to meet everyone and have them know her too as she's very important to the school as the new registrar :)
We just walked behind the school and hit Front Beach, found a few pieces of beach glass and grabbed my box of organic produce too. What was I thinking? It was HEAVY and we looked very pathetic walking with a big heavy box.

T took a visiting doc out halibut fishing...hooked into another giant (118 pounder) but let the doc bring it in and keep the meat. He even helped him vacuum-pack it all and froze/stored it.
What a nice guy :) I think I'll keep him around!!

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  1. Wow that fish is a huge one also. What is Capt. T using as bait.... moonpies? LOL The cake looks great I am glad they enjoyed it. I love the great beach pictures all the birds flying around perfect. Enjoy your fun August time. Schools start back monday here all the stores are packed with all the last minute school shopping. We stayed home out of the crowds. LOL