Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hiking & More Hiking....

AG with her FIRST cobalt blue sea glass.... MS found it!!! We walked right over it!
AG and I also missed the cute sea star. I think Dills found it.
The kids were amazed --phone booths that still work! LOL My husband used to call me from these before we moved out here --funny.
This part of the road/trail is always sort of flooded. I was trying to picture a jeep and the soldiers...yeah I need to go look in the books we bought at the museum LOL...
I got some puppy love from Jet (on the left) and Max on the right was just bored with Jet kissing him and being all excited like puppies are!
We ran into HH and TV on the trail.
Looking down toward Unalaska.
It was so pretty, I REALLY don't want August to end!

So I guess this trail has no offical name, but this has always been our favorite walk. We lived right near the trail for 8 we're a little farther away and start on the opposite side of the mountain/hill but it's still absolutely gorgeous! The WWII "stuff" is everywhere...even a "bridge" made of 60+ year old planks!
I have a bunch of walks that I'm taking before this month is over. We don't have a pass to the rec center so I have to get out! We'll just renew it after we return from vacation. Mid-October is wet and windy anyway!
Busy everyday for the next 6 fun fun....I sort of want to lay on the couch and watch Mad Men....why do I like that show?? Everyone else can't stand it, I find it fascinating!


  1. We've never done this trail--need to do it!! Rich and I both like Mad Men. Although I have to say I get very annoyed at the way they treat the women....but true to life for the times!

  2. Hei!
    What a lovely post!
    I wasn't aware that seaglass is so popular in the US. It sure is lovely and I found some nice pieces myself and using them for artifacts.
    Love seastars, too! We have quite some beauties here at the coast...
    ~ ♥ ~
    European Greetings

  3. Ohh yeah I've been picking it up for years, I don't "do" anything with it, but it's fun to have a goal while walking the beaches!

  4. CD I love the payphones that is something you don't see much anymore. The trail loves like a great adventure. You found some great sea glass pictures. Awesome pictures there gal.