Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tundra Golf --Early Morning Volunteering

A team we checked in.
D the pool guy's team.
Gigi, Donna, Chris and a fireman setting up the food concession.
These 2 are the best-dressed golfers in town! check out that bag for the clubs!
Umbrella? You hardly EVER see locals with them. It's usually blowing too hard! We love to laugh at tourists fighting with umbrellas! He didn't have to use it though it never rained.
Susan & family...Scooter the Sherpa...what a guy.
Another team --OSI I think.
Donna, who I volunteered with!
These are "Tundra tees" Soldering rods with regular tees black-taped on to them. We were given an even cooler tundra tee. It's a soldering rod with a section of garden hose black-taped on it to set the ball on! Thanks Travis!
Don't think that just OJ in those jugs!

I volunteered to register early morning golfers along with Donna and the sweet Gigi who was coordinating the event along with Lauren, Brian and Chris and everyone else!!
It was very foggy and a bit chilly...but not as cold as last night or as Tundra Golf was last year...


  1. Tundra Golf sounds interesting I like the T's very inventive. The best dressed golfers golf bag is quite unique that is a new way to carry your golf clubs. Looks like it is a cool morning. Umbrellas are definitely not for your area how many end up being blown into the bay? Well my weekend of planned reading did not happen as I wanted. The kids dog got into a old straw bale and a roll of twine, he ended up decorating the yard with twine. The beast chewed off bits and dropped them all over. I had to get it up so it would not get wrapped around the lawn mower blade. The kid left for Fort Lee, but called, she forgot to get her trash can in I had to run to her apartment while I was there I cleaned out her fridge of old leftovers her dog had a couple of things of french fries. It was one of those days. Yours looks like it was fun.

  2. Cute photo of you on the top of the blog! Thanks for all your help--it was a lot of fun! See you again today (?!)