Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gorgeous Night --Had to Just be Out There...Enjoying it

Won't be too many more pics of this boat :(

Looks like this one fared much better.I could never get a picture of a whale or a porpoise, they're too quick....but it was still a pretty evening in Captain's Bay (LSA)
Yeah, I like my cute new GREEN shirt!

He's like a kid on the beach, has to check out everything and tease me about beach glass! (he is one who really doesn't "get it"
Hooray we got to 60 degrees!! Something new for this summer! Maybe we'll get to go camping with AG & family this weekend!

My husband took me down to see the M/V The World right after dinner, it was one of the most incredible vessels I've seen....at least one private deck had a hot tub! Check out AK Steve's blog http://senseofplace63.blogspot.com/2009/08/mv-world.html for GORGEOUS pics...I just don't have his talent for capturing beauty--I see it, but my pics don't show it --sighhh I wish they did, but thank goodness for him!
We saw some boats that were shown on THAT show this past season...The Mar Gun and the Icy Mist at Magone Marine. I read on the KUCB website http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/kial/news.newsmain/article/0/1/1541493/Local.News/Icy.Mist.salvage.almost.complete that they just pulled the Icy Mist off the beach and brought her back here before sinking it.

It was 60 degrees tonight, and sunny! I can't remember a day like that this summer. We've been satisfied with 50 or 52 degrees.
We took a walk on the beach at Little South America. Then sat on a big rock watching whales and even porpoises!
More golfing tomorrow...the 2nd day was just as fun as the 1st vodka and more vodka....we had 100% fruit juice as mixer and very healthy snacks, that's got to even out something??


  1. Beautiful night there we had some short showers and humid weather. Wow The World looks huge what a massive cruise ship. I saw a television special on the Travel Channel about it very elegant apartments. Some of the things in them is unreal Persian rugs Italian marble floors, French furniture, and original paintings. CD when we both win the lottery, become billionaires we can get apartments and spend some time cruising about in ultimate Luxury LOL.
    Boy the Icy Mist and Mar - Gun looks like they took a beating. Down here they sink boats cars,planes etc to build up the coral reefs and natural reefs. Are the boats sunk to help with areas that have been washed or eroded away due to storms?
    Sounds like a beautiful walk, I envy your whale and porpoise watching. Glad you enjoyed your snacks and vodka sounds yummy.

  2. I wish it would have been 60 when I was there!! Especially fireworks night! I am almost done with the book you gave me. Quite interesting!! I feel like I am there experiencing the stories! It is hard to find time to read with two jobs, but I have been doing pretty well.

  3. CD, your pictures are ALWAYS great, and you capture the PEOPLE on the island that I don't - I'm too shy! heheh

  4. I really enjoy your photos and comments-it looks so beautiful there!

  5. oh thanks AK woman, it IS beautiful! My pic don't even do the scenery justice.

    Joann--come back in AUG?? So much milder!!

    Steve...I'm shy too LOL believe me??