Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hiking & Fishing....Sensing a Pattern!

Eagles everywhere as usual.
Manderzz is always certain something awful will be in the quanset huts --just dirt and crap in the ones we peeked into.
WWII junk everywhere!
TREES!!!! What's up with that?
yKind of cool...
There are several of these radar towers?
LOTS of these creepy quanset huts all over the island
Road to Summer Bay from a different angle than usual.
The Grand Aleutian as seen from Hog Island.
Freezing cold me.
Manderzz catching a fish all by herself...she only almost got me with the lure once..not bad at all.
The sun came out for 30 glorious minutes!
Manderzz flounder!
Someone forgot a coat!
Too bad I cut off the top of the church! the skiff was going very fast....

Yesterday afternoon the sun SEEMED warm and the wind pretty calm, I asked to go on the boat to walk on Hog Island --there are bunnies over there and we hadn't been over in a few years....It was COLD by the time we grabbed sandwiches and took off. The sun came out while Manderzz was fishing for pinks in Nanteekan bay. (dad had to play too as he is sort of addicted to fishing) I warmed up while hiking around Hog Island. We could see the Grand and "little priest rock" from a different angle than usual. Hog Island is just across the bay from Unalaska Island.
Lots going on this weekend. Will have lots of pics!!


  1. Great pics, CD! What a great thing, to hike around hog island, it should be called "Bunny Island"!

  2. A nice skiff ride, warming walk, exploring old Quonset huts, awesome pictures,getting cold and fishing all in one trip now that sounds like fun. You get to hike in some neat places. Did you see any big bunnies? Did you find any interesting sea glass? I hope you have a great weekend. I am going to do some reading, maybe finish a couple of books I have started. LOL

  3. Fun day! I'm a WWII buff so I love seeing all the old stuff. Also, trees! I didn't think they'd grow up there...guess that's been proven wrong! lol!

  4. I KNEW you guys were off doing something fun when I saw Troy's gorgeous black beast and skiff trailer parked in front of my place . . . . looks like a fun day!

  5. The gorgeous black beast!! I LOVE it....the truck has a new name...we just referred to it as the dumb white boy truck!

    Lhizz..there are a few trees. We'll go to the "Forest" and take some pics :)
    I would love to read this weekend--no time, we've got events galore!

    And I'm going to call it "Bunny Island" They weren't too big..all black and VERY quick!! No pics. There are a lot of eagles...I think only the smart and quick ones make it!!