Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Friday Night Happenings!

He was only being kind and sharing CB...but you have power! Remember that hike and all those hills we conquered with minimal gasping and resting.
Looking down makes me dizzy...but for some reason this precarious trail doesn't bother me at all...I won't go NEAR the edge on Ballyhoo.
Beaver Inlet was not too exciting...we turned around and started back to the car.
This was such a gorgeous waterfall....but a couple hundred feet down a sheer cliff...too bad!
The awesome band from Safeway's big party.
It was almost like the day AC had its big sale....except there were enough carts at this big event! KM from scrapbooking and Mandezz' 6th grade teacher are in the crowd shot I got.

CB beat me with all of this, but here it is anyway. I ran to the big party at "The Store That Shall-Not-be-Named" after work on was 10% off everything! And there were coupons!! Thanks to everyone who pointed out the deals to me....the band was VERY loud and VERY entertaining. Manderzz and I were buying everything but the sales items, we were having fun, thank goodness for the people who pointed out the deals. It doesn't take much to have a party here...a band and 10% off and we come running!
T took the kids fishing, I conned CB into a little hike to the other side of the island. It was lovely..except for the rain showers and all the hills!! Ughhh I did pretty well, I was surprised, I'm certainly not looking like I'm in ANY better shape, but I can hike almost like I used to.
Next is the Prisoner of War trail. I've been avoiding doing that one with T. We used to do it practically running...probably won't be running this time...

And of course we ran into AK Steve...he's so, so serene? Is that the word I'm looking for?


  1. Hei from Europe,
    nice pix and cute new header!
    It is intresting for me to follow ~ keep on posting!
    Loving Alaska from far

  2. CD that sounds like one long hike. The pictures are great. Hee Hee I think you should include CB on that Prisoner of War trail. I am so glad you got some great deals at the grand reopening. The kid returned from Ft. Lee. She is hoping to get moved into a house by the end of this month. It is a nice place has a lot of trash from the former renters, but is in good shape. The house has to be cleaned but nothing major. I will be glad for her to be in a safer neighborhood.