Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Thought I Had a Quiet Day Planned....

Dills is quite the host --found lots of food for the girls and made the fire too! Nice way to spend the last weekend night of summer vacation!
They ate s'mores before the regular food...I was on the phone didn't even notice until afterward.
All we got...we usually get several gallons of salmonberries every August.
I'm so curious...what is behind the ginornous (10ft?) locked doors??? Probably nothing lol.
I've never noticed this weird bunko/parking area with locked doors on one side at Little South America.
CB found the largest piece of sea glass ever, it's gray the only color I admitted to NOT having..and YES he's extremely smug about it.
Date night!
They're awesome singers....I should've recorded it...ohh that's just mean, I wouldn't do that!
Look it's Chef Jeff NOT making omelets!!
Ohhhh why can't we find gallons and gallons of these?? We love the smoothies and won't have any this year.
CB deep in the bushes on Ballyhoo.
A fishing vessel and the runway from Ballyhoo.

I thought it'd be a great day to get some projects completed around the house --ha! I dropped Dills off at swimming practice, picked him up, ran 5 errands, ate Chinese food for lunch, attempted to find a good amount of salmonberries (failed, it just isn't a good year for berries.) we ended up looking for sea glass for a little while instead.... then the boys had friends over until 11pm.
I've got to check in for my flight to Anchorage in 2 1/2 hours...haven't even showered or packed. It's just 2 days I'll make it simple. Not even bringing a computer --really not even my mini. A couple magazines and a big book will be just fine! I need a break I think.


  1. CD great day sorry you didn't find any salmon berries. The berry crop here has been a lot better then last year. The drought of the last two years made our berries very bitter. This year they are much sweeter tasting etc. Your weekend looks like it was tons of fun. That is a huge piece of sea glass CB found. He could break some off and share some with you. LOL Interesting locked doors wonder whats behind them hee hee maybe a stash of beach glass... LOL

  2. those berries look yummy. I agree smoothies do "eat up" a lot of your favorite berry to get a good berry rich taste to the smoothie.

    Seems like the Anchorage trip is a mini vacation for you, or are you registering for classes etc???


  3. nahhh nothing of the sort. After a miserable 10 hours I got here. They gave my car away because I was late and it was a torrential downpour here! Today is appointments for my thyroid (still) and then a few shopping errands. Which all all more difficult without a car! THRIFTY car rental sucks!!

  4. so jealous of the berries - I haven't had good salmonberries for so many years! :(

    Let us know the results of the dr. appt.

    I finally posted new blog posts - did you see??