Friday, August 07, 2009

Happy Anniversay to Us!

Dad rode up front with the pilot...but helped with the kids.
Ohhh my, Manderzz was teeeny! Everyone would say, "Look at that hair!" It was much redder than it is now.

Today, 11 years ago we landed in Unalaska! I remember it was a LONG flight! We thought going on a small plane would be so fun, it was...but it took 5 1/2 hours! What was I thinking? We lost 4000 frequent flier miles by not flying commercial (frequent flier miles are soooo important!!)

We ate a late dinner at the Grand, the waitress still works there! And the next morning we ate at Eldie's (AKA "Ziggy's then or Amelia's currently) but everyone seems to call it Eldie's. That's the owner's name. Everyone was watching us LOL checking out the new family...I think we sort-of still do that around here...It was sunny and lovely that week, I wish it was less cloudy/foggy/drizzly/misty now :(

Such is life... good thing we're going to Cabo next month!!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your whole family! I landed here on Oct. 6, 1998....seems like yesterday!

    Do you need a chaperone to go to Cabo with you? I'm available :)

  2. cool...right about the same time as us! Everyone remembers the day they 1st arrived here!
    20 year annv/honeymoon we never took, I think we're good alone :) But thanks!

  3. Welllllll...if you change your mind, you know where to find me.... ;)

  4. 11 years wow CD. The kids all look so cute. I think it is great you remember the day you arrived in Unalaska that is wonderful. I am going to the spa on Saturday getting my nails done. I missed last week ended up chipping three of my nails grr. I plan to catch up on some of my reading this weekend. Kid drove up to Fort Lee Virginia to see the fiance she got smart rented an economy rental car gets great gas mileage. It is a little Nissan but it has a big trunk unreal how much can fit in the trunk.She packs it full and still has room.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Have a FANTASTIC time in Cabo!