Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hiking, Fishing, Fishing, Hiking,

Geeezzz.... that halibut is pathetic! Ohhh well...what can you do? Keep trying or have moose and salmon (we hope to get silvers!) this year.
Morris Cove to me is hard walking. There aren't big rocks to jump on, a lot of it is at a slant & the rocks hurt my feet (I did throw the shoes I wore away) note to self: find my new hiking shoes! I think I left them at someone's house this summer :(
Dills is all about skipping rocks whenever flat, round rocks are to be found!
Uhhhh beware of the kelp, it can be rotten and very gross! See above about throwing my shoes away after this hike.

Fishing & hiking....that's about all that matters during the summer here! I used to include camping, but this year....nahhh I don't think so. It barely gets over 50 degrees! Brrr....My husband asked me about going camping this weekend, but of course I have already committed to playing golf and volunteering when not playing on BOTH Saturday & Sunday....go figure. I think he was relieved..."That means I'll be fishing!"
Good. Maybe he'll start to fill his freezer? A few reds don't take up much room in a HUGE chest freezer.

Grandpa's last fishing trip was on a nice day and they got a few halibut, so I guess that's successful. The halibut sure don't seem to be very big anymore...sad.
We went for a very long hike from Morris Cove almost to Constatine Bay on Sunday. Of course I left my memory card in my laptop and only got 5 pictures. We found several cool things! Ughhh... that means I have to do it again. I told my husband as long I bring water and we eat lunch while resting before walking back to the truck. LOL he was literally pulling me along on the second half of the walk back, I was TIRED. It would've taken me a long time to make it back at the speed I was moving. He found a gigantic buoy and HAD to bring it back...sooo Grandpa and Dills took turns dragging the 4ft long bouy for 2 miles (guessing?) while my husband drug me along :)


  1. That is very nice of Troy to drag you home like that! Ray would've probably just left me lying face down in the rocks! LOL

  2. Hee Hee I can see Capt. T dragging you along lol. Capt. Troy had to add that buoy to his collection of new crab pots will you be placing lights on them for the holiday season? LOL I'll take one buoy kid's dog could use it for his new chew toy LOL. The walk/ hike looks like it was loads of fun. 50 degree camping temperatures I'll pass. Dills looks like he is having fun skipping rocks.I hope hubby catches some big halibut to fill the big freezer.