Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hiking....Beachcombing....Watching Boats...Sunshine...Ahhh I Wish August Would Never End

Geezzzz give teenagers some rich, yummy grandma-made food and they get so excited. Our plain "healthy" food just isn't as yummy! AB ate 3 pieces plus Dills' crust.
My husband gives fish to Irene...this is the best payment ever! Perfect white bread.
The halibut pirok before the boys dug into it.
I hadn't gotten a shot of these 2 in awhile...taller, broader a bit tanner but still the same great guys!
Walking the spit...watching The World leave.
It's not an easy beach on the outside, but is really quite nice on the inside (where the harbor is)
There is always a call or 2 lol...ohh well, I'm glad that he skips fishing a few nights a week to walk with me!
We happened to be on the dock when they left.
We think that's a hot tub! Can't imagine using that much out this way??
Tuesday night up on bunker hill. Some of them are in pretty good condition. I never noticed before? Too much visiting while walking??
They're everywhere!
This was a couple of days ago...hiking all over Bunker Hill with my friend Angela...still a bit foggy. We saw so much from WWII --not sure how I missed all the bunkers on my other walks.
Seems like it's been sunny for days! LOL this was Tuesday...we have short memories here, you have to! We'll talk about this week for the rest of the year...remember mid-August how nice it was??

Angela....see you next year??!! Have a good trip home.
An alder? Weird...they're all over Kodiak, but I don't remember seeing any here.

It's just so nice this week. We sooooo needed this. If it holds we're going to go camping this weekend..very excited. We didn't go camping last summer at all.

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  1. Wonderful pictures CD. Your walks are always filled with neat finds. The WWII bunkers look very sturdy. If they had running water and electricity people could turn them into homes LOL. Wow an Alder tree there how cool. The beach does look a bit rocky, but the view is quite worth it. I hope you do get to go camping. Hee Hee you did get to enjoy one good week of good weather.We finally got some rain hope we get more.
    I picked up a few items I needed at the local Dollar store and plan to stay out of the stores this weekend. There is a huge school supply sale in the stores this weekend all items 30 percent off. School starts Monday so every where has long lines.
    Fortunately I was able to get in and out of the Dollar store before the sale began. Kid went to FT. Lee again. She isd waiting to hear if the house dhe wants to get into is going to be available. Right now the former tenets are going through an eviction for nonpayment compliance action. I'll let you know what happens.