Monday, August 31, 2009

What is Up With the Slippers Anyway??

Sunrise this morning!
????? There are no words, he's special!

There were a TON of activities this weekend, but with my husband coming home for just a day, walking on the beach with him on Friday night (found just one piece of glass but it's tear drop-shaped, aqua-colored and would make a gorgeous necklace!) Getting him sent off to Dillingham, or rather some random lake outside of Dillingham on Saturday, walking with friends 3x, having some dinner with AG and family on Sunday night (nobody believe her when she claims to not be a good cook! She can make some salsa and Mexican rice!!) and an odd compulsive need to clean off every shelf and corner of our home and storage unit, I didn't make it to any events. My cleaning/organizing/selling project will be done about the time I decorate for Christmas.... I'm going to have a garage sale and sell a bunch on ebay and too. I feel crowded!

1 comment:

  1. Love the slippers they are great. The one piece of aqua glass sounds great.
    I bet it will make an awesome necklace. I have been doing a bit of cleaning here also. I combines a few items tossed some old papers and got kid two more bookcases for her house. I know you will have a great sale and sale tons of items. Good luck on your organizing project.