Monday, August 31, 2009

Glass Beach!

My treasures after 3 walks on "glass beach" My secret --bring lots of teens and the occasional tween to help spot glass!
I'm just not sure this was a great idea, but he felt the need to do it and survived (whew!) He climbed up the hill, ran over and climbed down by the vehicle...only about a minute later than when we got there after following the path around the base --I'm impressed.
This kid loves picking up random dead creatures! That is a huge hermit crab!
AG, Manderzz & ABob sifting the rocks for glass...we ran out of beach, but didn't want to leave, it was sunny!
Dills found a's new. Someone must've had extra ones that ended up in the ocean?? Jsut guessing...
Ohhhh this seaweed is going to smell bad when it starts to rot!! YUK!!!!! I bet there is a lot of glass under all of that though...

I did deduct which beach "Glass Beach" was...the only one I'd never been too! It's so fun I walked there three times in 2 days this weekend. It was decent-enough weather on Saturday evening with CB. But WONDERFUL on Sunday when we went with AG and then with CB too....4 hours of beach time in one day! It was 62 degrees with barely a breeze....probably the best day of the summer.
It's drizzly tonight, and feels like a Monday (blah!) But I did play cribbage with Jr and PT...PT won, that's OK, I won SORRY on Friday night when my husband popped in for 28 hours -- I NEVER win games!! I'll be happy for years :)
They came back from patrol, then he headed out moose hunting.


  1. Wow CD you got quite a beach glass haul. Your glass beach has tons of the beach glass. Dills finds the coolest things a huge dead hermit crab and a marble. I bet that seaweed is going to stink maybe some good size waves will remove some of it back to the ocean floor. It is drizzly rain here and the temperatures are in the mid 70's. Fall is right around the corner here.
    Kid went up to FT LEE the fiance graduated his last part of training and gets to report to a guard post about an hour away.
    I hope Capt. T gets a big moose Bullwinkle for you all. Maybe he will get a caribou also.

  2. Caribou are out at Adak...November or DEC is the time for that hunt, if it happens!
    Glad your kid is growing up! It's only the 2nd week of Jr's senior year and I'm exausted!