Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beware Thifty or Dollar Rent a Car in ANC

It's me..and Heder...we've been posing for 26 years now...hmmm you'd think we'd tire of it --nope!
HB & SB...he found us at the airport, helped with my bags and said goodbye -- I swore I'd be up at 3:30 or 4am to say bye, but Heder and I were up past midnight visiting.
HD looking cute cute cute with a Penguin
Huge zucchini and rhubarb from their garden to take home with me!
I don't know much about gardening...but that rhubarb looks impressive to me!
Just not right, Anchorage is usually gorgeous in August.
A complete deluge, we hardly ever see rain like this.

I won't even say anything about PenAir...I'm sure they have perfectly legitimate reasons for making me sit around the airport for hours...then taking just 23 passengers and no luggage! Hello!!! Tell me there isn't a chance of me getting out early and let me go home and see my family, maybe do something constructive --or not. But no....they tell me to wait. Then do they even say ANYTHING after the flight goes..NO! I had to go back up to the counter and try to be nice.
So, I didn't get out one flight early to make it to ANC at a decent hour. I left at 4pm got there at 7. Waited in line for over an hour in the Thrifty Car Rental line to be told that there is no longer a car available for me. (I really didn't think trying to go one flight earlier would be such a hassle!) I was over 2 hours late, ANYONE over 2 hours late simply will not get their car. The customer in front of me was on military orders, he was delayed due to weather, they didn't budge. Flights are so RARELY delayed in Alaska, this is a great new rule --NOT! The ever-so bored, but fairly polite agent said to call if I'm goign to be later, not sure if that means call Anchorage or the 800#??
It was raining so hard it was difficult to see while driving, that is weird Anchorage is generally so much nicer than Unalaska...but it was nice on Monday and Tuesday.
I had to have Heder run out to get me, I love Heder, she is so good to me, always! I ate a small portion of caribu steak --told her I don't eat steak. OMG...was it because I was starved or was it just that good?? It was chicken fried and was better than moose...sorry T. Go out to Adak, get some caribu! Her husbad is an amazing cook. I'm going to make some of our moose steak the same way tomorrow --except Dills will have gluten-free flour. The kids are jealous that I had steak made that way...they're definately carnivores (Dills and Manderzz...not Jr. all I see him eat is Life cereal)


  1. Fun--I read often but don't always comment. I like that U'all show life as it is--very nice.
    Anyway, just thought I'd say "Howdie!"

  2. wonder if PenAir will ship your veggie stash back for you before Halloween???


  3. CD GAL YOU MADE MY DAY YOU ARE THE BEST THE VERY BEST THE GREATEST HUGS TO YOU ALL GIGANTIC HUGS. Wow I open that package and squealed you sneaky little thing that was so great. I love the travel mug and so needed one how did you know mine got squashed? LOL I thought I would be smart carry my old Clemson travel mug over to the house that is getting refurbished. When I finished my coffee I placed the empty travel mug on the back of the car only to have it fall off and a big truck squash it. Hee Hee it could only happen to me right well the mug you sent me will never leave my side the same for the cool water bottle. I carried it with me to the store today everyone keep asking me where to find one. LOL The shirt is perfect I love it and have enjoy the smiles everyone gets when they read it. Gal you are the best.
    Breaking news Kid has grown up moved into a cute house, cleaned it up, has it looking great. It is one of our rental properties that has been empty for quiet sometime squatters had broken in and really tore up the place. Kid paid to get new locks, doors, windows, etc... Bought some paint on sale and fixed it up. We are very pleased with this great improvement in her actions. Hmm maybe the kid is finally realizing what being responsible means, I'll keep you posted on the developments.
    Wow you had a horrible Anc. adventure glad you got some great veggies. The eggplant is huge wow. I am glad you had some yummy caribou maybe Capt. T. will be able to hunt and get one for you all. A big THANK YOU and HUGS for that wonderful surprise you are too sweet you spoiled me. Gal you have a great weekend.