Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Yummiest Work far...

AS is always a crack-up...playing with one of those party blowers off of the cake.
The kids from the picnic and about every random kid at the park enjoying the sidewalk chalk we had for them.

Good 'ol Dills...we sent him to our house (just around the corner) for more hamburgers (AG's actually...thanks for sharing!)
It wouldn't be a party of AG didn't stop by!!

What would we have done without Ron who didn't complain about cooking meat for 45 and veggies burgers for 2 (guess which 2!)
Co-Workers and their families.
They got the Diet Coke was so simple back when diet soda was "OK" to drink, now I feel terribly guilty.
Manderzz..there were too many people for her.
Wow! They're both smiling AND looking at the camera...that's the first time since Wrangell.
I see my mother posing like this LOL to help with the chins! Anyone notice how many different Camp Q hoodies I've aquired from the kids over the years??
Kathy is making sure she gets her fair share of Alena!'s honey-mustard-curry chicken wings, my portion too. No curry or anything with bones, skin, gristle or veins for me...EVER! (fish bones and skin don't count I can work around them!)
Fun stuff for the kids!
A cake, s'more fixings (the marshmallow sticks from Margarita are there too!) My delicious macaroni salad err. umm Marie's delicious macaroni salad that she graciously shared her recipe for. And a giant bowl of fruit with strawberry yogurt.
Cheese-crackers-doughnuts (?? they were gone)-deviled eggs (yum)-hummus and 3 kinds of chips. We chose jalapeƱo potato chips of course...Making the big decisions is FUN!

Our office always take one Friday afternoon off in August and have a picnic. Usually it's freezing cold! last year we were warming our hands on the coals!!
This year Alena! (remember her?? She USED TO blog...) and I got the food and each made a few dishes, everyone else was just treated to a nice afternoon. It was 61 (a scorcher here) and I don't remember any wind?? Thanks to Lillian's husband Ron for manning the bbq grill (we tried to get Jr to do way, he DID have to start work at 2pm and would be working the BBQ at the Grand)
We invited the Head start employees too as they work for the same parent company as we do and Sonia too 'cause we miss her. OK, I do see her almost every day but not ALL DAY like when she was at the office with us.

Random thoughts 1) Yes they DO call me "Blondie" at work...and the patients referred to me as "the blond one" or "the blond girl" for a long time...I've been there 5 years now, most everyone knows my name, finally!
2) Anyone spot SP? He's fast-moving at the park!

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  1. So glad you got the skewers and were able to use them for the picnic. I never thought about the lack of good branches for roasting marshmallows LOL. You picnic looks like great good food, lots of fun things for the kiddos to do, and fun for the adults. JR. will be busy working the bbq. I can imagine the great yummy food available. Manderzz looks very cute in that picture.