Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kolecta Bay Memories

We missed the Festival of the Aleutians and the parade too...but I think all 9 of us are happy we went camping, even though it was gray and the clear day predicted for Sunday didn't happen. It was good enough weather. The boat is leaving soon, and from the sound of the wind this fall is here....or coming VERY soon.

A cute flower growing in the rocks, I can't pass a perfect one by!
Our glass ball, they're always just sitting in the driftwood, looking like they're waiting for us to find them!
We are certain there are several glass balls in every pile like this...but what can you do??
I bet it was 52 degrees in the morning...did that make Dills put on any clothes....nope!
Manderzz and Mr AG playing with some sparklers.
No sand and all rocks is better than I thought...less mess on us, the gear and the food!
Expelliarmus!Mr. CD....tending the fire...
Something was cracking AG up!
AG would not drink the punch I made --similar to the punch from Tundra I had to work on it myself!
AB used a bouy I found as a chair. sweet!
Good thing we had 5 of us to figure out the hamburger-cooking thing! I couldn't figure out how to open it!
AB REALLY likes summer sausage!
The girls had air mattresses....we used the cushions from the skiff --rumor is I had both and T had none! Oops...I didn't know. I just know I was REALLY comfortable!
Checking the skiff.
We had 4 tents, each couple and one each for the boay & for the girls.


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  2. (GRR computer internet lost connection due to some wind lost half my post trying again.)

    CD that looks like it was a great fun camping adventure. I think that pile of driftwood had a few more glass balls in it for you to find just have to get those boys to move it all LOL. You bad gal snitching the air mattress and the cushions too funny. Never thought about it but rocks would be less mess then sand. Hee Hee Manderzz and I both like sparklers. Great buoy chair did you bring it home? I can't believe Dills is wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 52 degree temperature. Aw I would have drunk some of your punch, and used it also as a fire starter fluid LOL.
    It is raining here has been and suppose to until Friday. I am glad to see the rain, but it makes cleaning up the house Julia plans to move into a bit of a hassle. The former tenets were evicted and left a horrid mess. They left trash everywhere. I used a whole can of foaming antibacterial cleaner in each bathroom, sprayed down everything soaking it completely and have left it to soak and begin breaking up the crud. I will help her clean the two bathrooms on Friday. Already the place smells cleaner with the cleaner being sprayed. I also got one of those easy to assemble Clorox wet mops. Once we tossed the instructions away it only took us 15 minutes to put it together LOL.
    I want to mop all the floors well after we get all the trash out. It is going to be a nice place once we get it cleaned up.

  3. LOL! I know I ask a lot of questions (and have two more, now) but you COULD have asked me about the hamburger-thingy!!
    It's great for toast and grilled cheeses, too. ;-)

    Now...what are the glass balls?? other than pretty.
    I guess that's fireworks behind Dills in the shorts pic??
    oh, I found some wood pallets for your bonfires. (ask Laurie...sad really) ;-D

  4. Mj that's funny, I should've asked, but who knew it was soooo complicated!?

    Glass floats are from Japanese gill nets..this explains it better than I can:

    Way more of a score than sea glass!

  5. Margartia...sounds like you all are busy! Yes, AG's husband has the bouy, it's got a nice line set up (or something like that) I called it a leash, but I'm me!
    Fireworks??? Who US???? NEVER! They're not legal :)

  6. I can't believe you found glass balls! I LOVE those!!! SO cool! Of course I've never found one...but still, that's just neat! I love all the things y'all find on your little island. :)