Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me....

That cake is just too bright! They need to quite counting out candles.
Jr and Manderzz made me a chocolate cake from scratch! Can anyone read the words?
I just had one, it was my birthday! that's going to last me years of visits to Heder. Thanks EEEEEEE, vanilla vodka is handy.
My adorable gifts from HD & MB!!!

Heder made a yummy pineapple-upside down cake, I haven't had that in YEARS!! Soooo delicious!
SB made one of my many delicious meals he makes --shrimp fettuccine --not what someone who was told they need to eat less, exercise more needs to eat, but I had a bit. They even caught the shrimp themselves!

My Mom and Sister had a bunch of gifts for me from last year (long story...) so we had a little party in Wrangell before coming home, we had a little dinner with a couple friends right before the boat left. Then I went to Anchorage for less than 40 hours over my birthday to find out my thyroid is still not working very well, but it's slowly improving. And I've gained A TON of weight since May 1st hooray for that.
Heather and family made it a great day after all. I had a delicious dinner (just a bit), a light beverage and a tiny sniglet of the yummy pineapple upside down cake. Ohh I saw the latest Harry Potter movie in the theater after my appointments...that's the 1st Harry Potter movie I've seen in a theater. I did see #1 on a big screen in a gym, but that doesn't count, the sounds was AWFUL.
Thanks everyone for spoiling me!!


  1. CD you need a fire extinguisher to put out those candles. Bad Kids use the big number candles you only have to blow out two of those LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAL I HOPE IT WAS A GREAT DAY. The food looks yummy glad you enjoyed it. I hope they get that thyroid doing better, soon. I want to get the new Harry Potter movie when it comes out on dvd. It is a great movie. I am glad you had such a great Birthday you deserve it.

  2. Happy Birthday CD!

    Enjoy yourself and shame on your thyroid!

    Vanilla vodka, Yummy!

  3. Damn girl hope Fire deptment was on hand!! ;op Heather is just too darn cute what a nice friend too hook ya up!! I made pineapple cake for my dads birthday (he hates frosting) i hadnt had it YEARS. Gotta make that more often. Good think i wasnt there as id have "helped" ya with that vodka its my FAV!!! Ya know its not just for brekfast any more! Glad ya a GREAT b-day!!!