Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't EVER Let Me Touch a Golf Club AGAIN!!

One last shot of Bossy AKA Alena! looking professional.
Are these 2 REALLY trying to catch golf balls???
2 volunteer firemen, ready to be done volunteering....thanks so much guys! The hamburgers were very needed!The other clinic's team...the one in tan is Dills' best-bud's dad.
Visiting with a happy & very relaxed team we caught up to on hole #8.
A flower I don't see often. Also a moss berry.
YUM!!! My favorite --blueberries. It's very early, this is a fluke ...they were even sweet!

LA --the KUCB's manager dressing up her carharts and x-tra tuffs with a scarf --I like it!
AG jumping streams while being a caddy!! She's talented.

EEEEEE just being awesome --HAPPY BIRTHDAY --hope you have MORE fun planned.
I jumped the stream and didn't even spill my beverage!
SUCCESS!! Manderzz hit the ball!
Alena! Applying Unangan insect repellent. We learned what was used for diapers and baby powder too. Laughing with friends, exercise, and lessons on local plants...what a day!
I'm too cool. I carried my cup like this.....DORK
AG was successful at finding her pink ball for at least 6 holes!
Ohhh pooooorrrrrrrr Manderzz...she swings like her mother!
Hole #1 involves some golfing in the road.
The Team --we named ourselves The Screamin' Banshees.. We are known as The Cheaters!

That's it! Until next year's Tundra Golf...I hope we make it an annual event.


  1. Hey CD! I just got "Bones" Season 1 and 2 in along with "Doctor Who" Seas 1 & 2....Doctor Who is a BBC series...

    I get Bones first! LOL

  2. How exciting! (You know I'm an addict!!)
    You take David whats-his-name...I'm good with Dr. Who first! It's like $70 a season.

    Are they out on the shelf yet??

  3. CD you have such fun. Love your jumping the stream and hanging onto your cup. LOL Tundra golf looks like it was great fun. Love your team namegood one. Manderzz has great plaid boots perfect foor tundra golf. Maybe they should let you use a tennis raquet to play next year LOL. Hey don't feel bad when I play putt putt I seem to spend time in the water hazards LOL.

  4. Not on shelf yet, BUT will be this evening...I'm working on them now!

    I'll save the first session for you!

    Looks like you had a BLAST golfing! Wish I could have been there....

  5. OMG this looks freaken a fun! Loven how bossy looks all Tiger Woods unalaska style! that pic of you an E is PRIcELESS. the look on her face BAAA HAAA!! I belive you golf as well as me. (hey damn it at least we are cute ;op)