Friday, August 21, 2009

And They're off Again....

What a wild and crazy group we are! Watching the WGN news...mocking all the newscasters, and deciding if a model with serious drama REALLY is gorgeous or scary-looking. ~~Nice seating arrangement too, huh??
There really is a reasonable explanation for this...umm not really! He's just a pest.
And this...AG would only do this EXCEPT for a very important and mature reason! She is a PROFESSIONAL and NEVER silly!!
Dips, salsa, fruit salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, fires, cake, lemonade --yummy!!!!

It was great having the guys home for a month, we did something almost every day! Had the crew over last night :)


  1. Yummy food looks great CD. Dill's red and white striped flip flops are such a fashion statement... not sure which one maybe checks and stripes go together? LOL So glad you have had a great month.

  2. I can see green outside the kitchen window..summertime.
    Thank God for a bit of downtime.

    Hey are you still volunteering for school board?? Isn't that just the most time consuming "job"???

  3. I am running again. It's not too bad. 5 classes was BAD!

    I don't want the green to go away :( We watched "New In Town" and the winter scenes reminded me of what's coming....ohhhh welllll. At least I get a vacation before the snow settles in.

  4. I feel like I should be there drinking lemonade and playing apples to apples!

  5. I DID make lemonade, but not fresh-squeezed this time. We didn't have energy for games, just visited :)

  6. HaHa .. if you don't look at the top of the pic, Dy's legs look like lady's legs!!!

  7. OMG .. there's a big O in the middle of T's face in your header picture! Is that T?? What was the occasion???

  8. hahah yeah, but our faces don't matter AT ALL..It's the size 1 body that I reminding myself was me not tooo long ago.
    We were going to the Fireman's Ball --it's every December.