Sunday, August 09, 2009

Finally, a Bonfire!

One of our bar stools broke. We had to dispose of it.

Nobody will ever see this again I think. Sugar DOES NOT like my husband!

We had AG's family & NE & LE over last night late, after golfing & after the guys returned from slaying halibut -- It was sort of Ray's B-day celebration, a week late. It had been a long day for me! I was up really early to watch some TV (gotta squeeze my library DVD time in!) and get the house ready for the BBQ later all before leaving the house at 8:30am to volunteer. I was exausted --and wandered off to bed at 11pm It was 2:30am I THINK when I heard my husband roll into bed --literally roll :) hehehe.....he's still there now!
I hope our team memeber EE can make it to the 2nd nine today. There was an event last night that sounded like a lot of fun :( sorry we missed it!


  1. Cd gal looks like you had fun love the sacrificial bar stool. I sent you up some marshmallow roasting skewers. Since twigs are sparse I saw these thought they might help. I love the picture of your hubby petting Sugar what a cute one. hey maybe Sugar is finally accepting him. You get some rest you have had a long day by the sounds of all your activities.

  2. is that your son sitting on the sacrificial bar stoll prior to its demise????

    Bonfires are really popular in Unalaska!!!

    When does school start?? we are back already

  3. We like them! Not a whole lot more to do... Yeah, Dills was perched on the sacraficial stool...Starts here AUG 24th. You guys are early?? When do you get out? 1st week of June here.

  4. we are out before Memorial Day because Grand Junction hosts the World Series of baseball for Junior Colleges..nicknamed JUCO..and all the kids go and hang out and get autographs after games etc..

    We start earlier and earlier because of the mandated testing too..get them in earlier to teach more before the late MArch early April testing window we have in Colorado. As a spec ed teacher, it is SOOOOO discouraging to make handicapped kids take grade level tests, some just cry when you pass it out and read the required instructions..another opportunity for them to know they are not as smart as everyone else....sigh!!

  5. I love how you change the photo on your header all the time - that golfing team looks like trouble!

  6. YES! We were trouble...not sure why, but we were called THE CHEATERS!!??

    Did you see the Icy Mist down there right b4 we saw you? And that cruise ship was so cool!

  7. I didn't see the Icy Mist, that was a great catch on your part - see?? It takes a whole bunch of us to capture all the news, we all play our parts in the blogging world and you do a great job!