Monday, August 03, 2009

Met Yet Another Adorable Blogger at Bunko!

AG sporting her new Cubs T-shirt...a week before she was at the Cubs here in the rain :) I bet she goes for more than 10 days next year!
Mrs. Simms looking gorgeous as always
Juliet is a woman of mystery!
AG is just a goofball! I can't believe she's leaving AGAIN --if the rain/fog ever let up that is...
Jane being silly --next month is her month...whatcha ordering??
Alyssa who has started a blog for the CVB and of course my Manderzz and Lori too!

Most all of the bloggers I meet are wonderful...We were lucky enough to have Alyssa from the Unalaska CVB as a sub at Bunko Saturday evening...and poor little Manderzz who gets stuck playing when we are short a player and can't con anyone into dropping everything and coming to hang out with us for 3 hours :) As usual Manderzz won a prize --whatever it is that's my birthday gift she's informed me --works for me!


  1. HEE Hee what a great birthday gift idea pretty cool Manderzz. Looks like fun was had by all. Nice of Manderzz to sit in with you all. Kid stopped by she and the fiance are arguing again I told her,"Hey go home, go to sleep you both will be happier after some sleep your just tired and snappish feeling." Ah the lovely drama has returned. Before the night is over they will be texting how much they love each other, Kids Eh...

  2. OH, it was FUN to be back home .. even if it was for just 2 days! I'm back in Anchorage now until Friday .. School Lunch Program conference starts tomorrow! I'm so happy to be in my hotel room FINALLY after waiting 30 mins for the shuttle to pick me up .. after they said he would be here in 15 minutes! I was too tired to say anything to the guy when he showed up, so I stayed quiet as a mouse while the other 2 ladies bitched him out .. one of them had been waiting OVER AN HOUR!