Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's Just INSANE!!! Bad AK Ship Supply.

My buddy AG bought some trail mix at Alaska Ship Supply before we went camping a couple weekends ago, she didn't notice the price until after she'd paid. $26 for a bag of trail mix!! We thought $15 sounded more reasonable.

I was at Costco on Monday I found the same exact bag for $11.59 I'm not even sure of the math... a 220% mark up? I still think $15 sounds reasonable, that's 30% more than Costco in Anchorage and you know it came from Seattle not Anchorage, so was even cheaper...ughhh!!!!

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  1. Wow CD I can purchase the same bag for under 6.00 and ship it to you for less then 26.00. You are right they are doing a huge markup. I thought of you today we bought a refridgerator, washer and dryer for her new place they can't deliver it until after Labor Day they have to ship it from the warehouse. Anyhow they manager was wearing a great lime green polo style shirt, when I saw it I thought of how you would love it. LOL