Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Getting There Was a Major Chore!

Yeah that's us...we had good the seats on the way out...the way back the kids were faster than me, I stood...and AG she was the only passenger on the other I got 5 kids and she got zero I don't know!?

AG looking dashing, is she in a movie from the 50s set in Italy?? Guess the jersey, Xtratufs and PFD say no, but the glasses and scarf are cute!
Do they REALLY need to dress alike everyday of the week? Just teasing!!We brought AB along, his 1st time camping in Unalaska.Priest rock from the skiff.Has anyone ever looked in the cave behind Priest Rock??
My favorite rock! It's sooooooo cool. You have to click on the picture to see the interesting texture. It's 30feet deep right alongside the rock.I can't seem to get a picture of a puffin (so cute they make me smile everytime I see them) so we've got cormorants they're sorta cute..
Sunbathing sea lions, have to click on the picture to see them, sorry! We were flying by.
The bay Mr. CD and Mr. AG chose. I was pouty about it, but I did eventually get over it, rocks instead of sand is really a lot cleaner and the glass ball in the wood made the hill of annoying rocks worth the hassle. Ohhh yeah --NO BUGS or wind of any sort, which is cool and odd at the same time.

The forecast Saturday morning said calm winds for SAT and calm & CLEAR for Sunday! This was it, our only chance to camp as my husband will be gone most of the weekends until mid-OCT when we get back from Cabo. He called Mr. AG and let them know we were going...they decided to come too! It ONLY took 8 1/2 hours from 10:30 when he checked the weather until we were sitting around the campfire, 4 tents set up, cooking our that worth it?? Yeah, of course!
We had to coordinate who had what food already, run around buying boots and food. I baked cookies (can't have store bought treats --the horror!) and some gluten-free brownies too, find all the gear, gather the kids, hope they had enough clothing, launch the 2 skiffs and find a suitable beach.

The one we camped at 2 years ago in Kolecta Bay was a bit less protected from the breeze than the one just next to it. So we went there. I wasn't happy about the hill of big rocks we had to climb to get to dry land, but it worked out of course.


  1. All in all, it was a VERY fun night! Even getting kicked in the nose didn't damper my night at all! But, C'MON, post the pic of us cuddling in T's skiff! It's the cutest!! And one of my favorite parts of the trip! His boat is so comfy!

  2. The trip looks like fun. I am sorry you had to deal with the rocks. Looks like camping was loads of fun. I like the cool textured rock it has a neat surface. LOL the sun bathing sea lions looks like they are having a big meeting. Neat looking cave I bet it would be cool to explore. Love AG's glamor look very Italian.

  3. fun blog...loved seeing pictures of the island. i only had a few days there, but wish i could stay for months and get to explore.

  4. Thanks! I like yours too! You "got" Unalaska better than most any visitor ever!

  5. Wow, that looks like a blast - love the pictures from the skiff!

  6. SWEET !! I agree with AG the cuddling one is most cute. And YES tan chubby always looks better then halibut white chubby ;op

  7. Thanks for the cookies, CD! I think Elaine must have smelled chocolate chip cookies, because she just HAPPENED TO BE THERE when you delivered them! They were delish! Looks like a great time camping! Great pics too! Thanks for sharing!