Monday, August 03, 2009

I Victorinoxed Myself --Oops!

Not as bad as I thought!!
My pesto-artichoke heart pizza and Manderzz' pepperoni, I hadn't made Dill's chicken-pesto gluten-free pizza yet.
My 12 portions of unique soup, it's pretty good actually, now I need to eat healthy soup not go out for lunch --starting tomorrow--it's Ray's (AG's husband) birthday lunch today!
Some cookies..
gluten-free blueberry muffin tops
My ingredients and my laptop!

When the hardware store had its closing event a few weeks ago I grabbed several fishing knives to use in my kitchen. They're cheap and the sharpest knives ever!
I usually have to acquire these knives from my husband's fishing gear...but I felt very tricky to have a couple of my own...You have to not be a clutz for this to be a good thing!
We had a ton of food in the house as I hadn't been making meals for the past week. We're eating "grandpa" food. I should say some of us are! steaks, fries, hotdogs, porkchops and mayo for me!
While watching 2 1/2 Netflix movies on my laptop. I made 3 kinds of pizza, cookies, gluten-free blueberry muffins, some very unique soup with all the vegetables from my organic produce box and everything else from 2 freezers and my cupboards that would work in soup, cooked some apples and blueberries for Dills who thinks that's delicious and cut up a pineapple to encourage people to eat it. 3/4 of the way through this 5 hour project while openg a package of gluten-free pizza crust mix I sliced my finger! It bled a lot! :(
It ended up being just the top of my nail through to the finger not my finger from the side all the way through like I first thought (ewww!) I'm glued and steri-striped :)
Sooooo..that's my little drama of the weekend....


  1. Wow, gal you did mess up that finger. Looks like mine after I got into a fight with the can opener, a can of tuna, and the huge kitty demanding the tuna. Thank goodness the kitty hasn't figured out how to operate the can opener or the tuna would be gone. LOL I need to get more dry kitty food it seems that a small party was had and half of the 10 pound bag was nibbled on by the huge thang and her buddy. I am still trying to figure out how she got the cabinet open.
    The food looks yummy I like the cookies and the soup. We finished up our leftovers made a Mexican style chili served over rice. Kid returned from Fort Lee this afternoon she has to go to see the dentist Tuesday about her jaw... TMJ what fun. Take care of that finger CD


  3. OH yeah, can tell CD is from AK... I love using victornox knives in my kitchen!! NICE!!!! (not the cut finger but the knives!)Nothing but a razor blade can compare to a brand new one!! We don't use any other knives other than my fancy fillet knive for my fish in our household!!

    I LOVE VICTORNOX KNIVES!!! Just be carefull with them! ;)