Monday, August 10, 2009

Catching Up...More Golfing Soon.

Dills and Dad went halibut fishing on day 3 of the golf tournament.
Ahhh he walked on a log out into a swamp to get some cotton for me!
It's swampy, but kinda pretty.
Gotta check in with his buddy MH.
LOL I like walking with him, even if there is a phone call or 2!
AG just back from her business trip to ANC....we all went to lunch for her hubby's b-day!
Mr. AG :)
Dills was staying in Jr's room while Grandpa was here, that doesn't really bum him out...check out all the electronics!
This is Jr. after a long brunch --he really is sleeping like that! His calculus is sitting right next to him, closer than the laptop, so that is sort of positive...but sleep was more important!


  1. Good hubby getting you the cotton saving you from having to get in the swampy stuff. Kids and the electronics gee what would they do without them... suffer complain and be miserable LOL. Love the way Jr. is sleeping my kiddo sleeps in some weird positions must be that kid sleep thing.

  2. Wow..good eyes Dave! He just got the camera a couple weeks ago --I hadn't even noticed the funky-leggy mount!