Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spirit Week Toga Day & Cute Bella Shots....

Bella is so loving!!
Belly rubs make her smile! those socks guys! And those shorts Jr!

Funniest Soap Opera Ever --REALLY!

The Skipper, Rollo, Vixen, Cornelia and Tiempo Bandito...dancing...
More dancing alongside our "busy" is the main road, to us it's busy-- not a car every 30-45 minutes like we get at our house...
From my car, this move made ZERO sense, but it cracked me up....the rest of the crew is behind her, you can see their rain gear!
Uhhh ohhh hopefully Pipa doesn't see my blog shhhhhh don't tell her! (she HATES her picture taken) And Laresa used to be like that, I thought, but she's got a pretty substantial role in this show, maybe she's decided to embrace her inner TV star-ness??
hehehe Sonia, you're so goofy...and these scenes are mild....they get so much sillier!
There were scenes where Manderzz was complaining,"But that's not Sonia...she's not like that at all!!" I think that means good job ACTING. She was confused.

I know what I was doing Friday the 12th that kept me from doing ANYTHING was the 2nd night of the KUCB on-air live fundraising auction. I've been involved with this auction for about 10 years. I have been on air, but enjoy answering the phones, taking bids and memberships the very most...and I'm better at it :)
I took these pictures earlier in January, but held off publishing them until after the world premier of the show Dutch Harbor 99692....The main cast included Cornelia (my favorite actress!) Vixon the observer, Tiempo Bandito AKA T-Bone and Rollo crewmembers and "The Skipper"
Everyone should see a theme with the names??
I was lucky enough to go to cast screening party (pays to know someone in the show!) and we had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.
It's the funniest, bestest show, I LOVE IT! Manderzz loved it....we can't wait for the DVD to be available. Everyone involved did a great job. I hope after the production people recover they might do more of this type of project :) maybe???
Sonia and I were running errands and going to our different activities around town the day I got these shots, but as she found out filming is a very time consuming ordeal...I left and went back to the rec center for my kids' soccer game.
The scene I watched being filmed ended up being the opening credits....I had no idea at the time and could only think --WHAT?? And chuckle...people dancing in rain gear among the crab pots stored alongside the road???? It all comes together though. Got to get the dvd if you missed any or all of the show!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Manderzz is 12!

She got the itouch that she HAD to have!

Manderzz' Birthday is on Valentine's Day and Jr's is on Halloween...those 2 weeks are up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas with the busy-ness factor! Those 2 love parties. Dills....he's already got his gift for his b-day in June (a fancy bike) and may want to take a friend to eat or have a couple over to play games and eat pizza...much more calm.... Blogger isn't letting me put captions...very frustrated...Jr made her Oero ice cream cake at 11:30pm! It was that busy of a day...I let her open gifts @ midnight...
I love that picture of Lynnette texting on 2 phones at the same can she do that?
The girls played Apples to Apples and watched She's the Man, they love that movie! Manderzz got cash and a warm blanket (we LOVE blankets and pillows!) and 2 Hollister hoodies also. She's already ordered more clothes with her birthday cash....AE with a 40% off coupon. Manderzz knows how to shop! Although CB thinks she needs practice in malls...I think online works very well...malls take too much time.

The weekend that her birthday fell on happened to be the busiest weekend EVER here...we didn't even do half of the stuff that was going on. BUT we did go bowling with the girls that slept over and the next day with CB (he posted about that already on his blog) The kids went to the Ice Cream Social that the preschool puts on...I avoided that. All the ice cream you can eat and more toppings than anyone could ever dream of eating is not an event I need to attend! We missed the basketball games that went on for several days, missed a cookie decorating event (we make cookies daily so no big deal) I missed the Chocolate Extravaganza :( We had to have the slumber party that night. Something else was happening on Friday night. I can't be waiting 2 weeks to blog too much happens!
The kids are dressing in togas for spirit week (yes shorts and tops underneath)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day!

Yup..that's my kid in that lovely outfit. It'd make CB so proud to know him :)
CB doesn't appreciate my early morning going to the rec-center look -- a hoodie, sweats and xtra-tuffs. I say it's OK it's what you do here! I do draw the line at shorts and a pea coat...that's just wrong.
Bella and Manderzz looking like each other!

We hardly ever have snow days here...a couple Mondays ago it was very blustery in the early morning and the kids got the day off! I let them sleep for a little while, then we got BUSY! We cleaned out many of our children's books and movies and Jr worked on organizing his room, he doesn't like to throw ANYTHING away (can't blame him, I'm not a big fan of throwing stuff away either!)
I was in another room when Jr got his dinosaurs out and let them stretch their legs a bit.
I'm behind in one of my classes and some blogging in another, it's the dumbest thing, I can't figure their blog out!! Heading to Fairbanks in 6 days for school-- I hope to get caught up before I leave...I've got to start focusing tomorrow. But I'm getting prepared for Jr's Court of Honor (Eagle Scout Ceremony) too.
I'll have 3 days in ANC to work on classes on the way back. I just went through T getting 2 wisdom teeth out --he was over 40! Forget that, I'm getting all the kids' done before they go to college...kid one scheduled for March 9th.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hi, It's me CD...Remember Me?

I love the Penair gate (weird, I know) but there are always several locals to visit with...and people who move to ANC and leave us. :(

Wow...FEB 21st already. I went to ANC for 2 days ( trips in for medical that aren't too all went very well) Got to go to Costco and buy 20, yes 20 pounds of chocolate chips...we have chocolate needs here :) They're in my big freezer. Heather and I go to eat our favorite meal at our favorite restaurant (Moose's Tooth!!)
We went to see Avatar in Extreme 3d was good. Oddly close to the Native Science class I have.
I saw Alena in the airport on the way home, I haven't seen her in AGES! I have to run into her in ANC...crazy! It was so fun to visit with her, I miss talking to her all day, except when one of us is crabby LOL..

Bella got into my gym bag, got tangled in the handle and was about to eat my shoe-- I thought it was funny!

And Manderzz giving Bella a bath, what good girls I have.
She deals with her baths quite patiently.
Too many people on AKWISP or something, the 7 pics took forever to upload. Soooo I PROMISE to post every day this week...and next week --I'll be traveling again and should have more to say, other than, I worked out, I did homework, I worked on my to-do list, cleaned, drove kids to events and walked my dog. That is about the extent of my excitement lately.
OK there are lots of events too, I've just been a lazy picture-taker....